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Twists and turns....

Life, as we know, rarely takes us along the simple routes. My experience is that the simple routes can be picturesque but they don’t have anywhere near as much learning in them as the roads less travelled. I won’t lie though, my life has had a lot of less travelled roads and it would be nice occasionally to travel a road where I could set the cruise control and minimally steer. Maybe in another lifetime I’ll set that as my blueprint - once I’m done asking myself what the hell I thought I was signing up for in this lifetime. 
I’ve been a bit hit and miss with my writing this year as I’ve been struggling with a lot of personal issues. I won’t go into details about everything because some things actually do need to stay personal in a blog but the result has been TCM and I separating. In the year that I celebrated my 50th birthday I am taking new steps and in many ways starting again. It’s been a painful and devastating year on this front made worse by my best friend being diagnosed with b…

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