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Taking Control

I've been feeling quite dispirited lately, mostly with education.  A few years ago if two children were out of full time education for nearly two years there would have been a lot of questions.  I'm grateful that we have a team of very supportive people around us and part-time timetables have been sanctioned but, with all the stress currently in UK schools with many schools struggling to have enough staff to actually teach each day, we have fallen between two stools.  This is worrying me a lot because I see both my children losing hope with their own education and feeling demotivated. School brings with it huge anxiety for both Katie and Pip.  This isn't new.  It's not related to Covid (although that has exacerbated it a lot).  Pip suffers from school based anxiety which is linked to developmental trauma, anxiety and quite possibly ADHD and sensory overload.  Katie finds the whole school thing overwhelming due to sensory overload linked to all her diagnoses.  I started

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