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Telling It Like It Is...... Fingerling Good!

Ok yes I did struggle with the title of this blog post and I will admit we’ve had a lot of giggles ourselves but I didn’t name these adorable little critters. Someone, somewhere with a degree in marketing thought up the name. Amazingly they must still have a job as well! I just have a degree in “my mind is in the gutter”. On a whim we bought Katie and Pip a Fingerling each this week. We’ve seen adverts for them and ooooooh’d and ahhhhhhh’d over their cuteness. We popped into The Entertainer whilst in a local shopping centre buying school shoes for Pip and saw they had a sale on. The cost around £15 so not cheap but not ridiculously expensive. If you’ve not come across them before they are little interactive toys that sit on your finger and make cute noises in response to being touched, stroked, kissed or swung upside down. They go to sleep and make noises rather like the Teletubbies do.  If you put two Fingerlings together they interact with each other. Reading some of that descriptio…

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