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Sensory overload is a well known anxiety for parents of children with additional needs. Fun and excitement, stress and anxiety can easily tip over into a meltdown. Too much noise, heat, cold, lighting etc can cause physical distress in children with overstimulated sensory systems. One thing I’ve noticed a lot (as a rather introverted and very empathic parent of children with sensory issues, FASD, ADHD and ASD/PDA) is that I also get sensory overstimulation too as I try to manage their challenges. I protect myself emotionally as best I can with meditation and time out (when possible) but I can easily absorb their stress into my own body and soon find I feel overwhelmed too. On the days when the children are struggling to regulate themselves everything takes longer to achieve; the morning routine becomes tense and explosive; trying to attempt homework with overstimulated bodies and minds bouncing and fidgeting and struggling to concentrate can make even the calmest

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