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A step in a new direction….

When you are the parent of children who need extra support you find yourself on a hamster wheel of seeking support. Because the world rather annoyingly doesn’t say “Oh, look, your child needs extra support, I wonder why that is? Shall I easily offer you assessments and help provide you with an answer?” it is mostly left up to us parents and care givers to: 1. Firstly recognise that a question needs to be asked; 2. Work out what questions we need to ask; 3. Find the right person to ask the questions to (this is generally more than one agency); 4. Work out who can refer us to the right angency/agencies; 5. Allow time for a delay regarding funding for said agency; 6. Wait a year or more for an appointment (and generally add in more questions by the time you finally have the appointment; 7. Wait for even longer whilst the agency works out if they are the right agency to answer the question and provide a helpful answer.  8. Most likely have to start all over again with another question and

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