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When Puberty Comes to Call...

Over the past 6 months or so it's become more and more clear that Pip is coming into puberty.  He's 11 now so it's not unexpected but I suspect no parent is ever ready for when it arrives.  It sneaks in, seemingly under an invisibility cloak suddenly appearing in unexpected moments with a growling sort of "ta daaaa!". I started preparing Pip a while ago for the changes he would experience in his body.  Because he's not currently attending school I wanted to ensure that he didn't miss any key information on this subject.  It helps a bit that I taught sex and relationships in schools and colleges as part of the UK PSHE programme for many years before adopting Katie.  There have been raised concerns about the curriculum over recent years particularly relating to some more intimate topics areas.  Because the children aren't currently in school I have ensured I have given as much information as has been requested or that I felt was age appropriate.   Pip an

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