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All About Pip!

It can be very easy when writing a blog to focus on the things that are a challenge.  Over the years I know I have found it quite cathartic to write down the difficulties we have faced and I have found that, as I write, the challenge either feels easier or I formulate a plan as to how to move forward.  This is helpful for me and also, I hope, helpful for anyone reading my little corner of the interweb.  Pops (the children's Grandad) used to say "interweb" and it's one of those little sayings that I've kept going.  I find repeating the saying of those who are no longer here helps keep them close in the heart and mind. The purpose of today's little reflection is actually pretty positive.  I think there's a nervousness about saying "very positive" because when we live with ongoing challenges there is always the knowlege that the other shoe can fall at any given moment so we almost look at the positive moment from out of the corner of our eye, so as

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