Keeping up with life....

I have to apologise for not being organised enough to write regular blogs.  Where does the time go?  I barely have enough time to get through the day to day requirements these days!  We are starting to fill our days with lots of things to do including toddler group and swimming lessons and tumble tots.  I feel a huge surge of emotion every time we start a new activity.  I never thought the day would come when I would take my daughter for her first swimming lesson and watch her sheer delight as she splashed about.  Tears threaten every time I watch her doing new things.  I fall on the sofa in the evenings exhausted with trying to keep up with her!! 

Katie has now been with us 8 weeks.  Two months!  It's amazing.  I can't remember life before she arrived now.  I do know that I can never get enough sleep to match the sheer amount of energy she has though.  We are currently on chicken-pox watch after she played with a new friend the day before his spots appeared.  I would imagine there is a very high chance of her catching them, although they did play outside for the whole visit she might miss them this time.  The incubation period is around 11 - 20 days so thankfully I should be able to have my birthday BBQ on Sunday before she shows any symptoms. 

I am hoping that I will get myself organised enough soon to get back to doing my yoga.  My body is screaming out for my regular yoga sessions.  Lunchtime sessions during nap-time are out because we've just had lunch so I need to try and do a session after putting Katie to bed in the evening - rather than relax on the sofa and eat my dinner.  I know I will be a much happier mummy with my body feeling better rather than the tired and headachy mummy that has appeared at the moment.  I am going back to Irish Dancing tomorrow for the first time since Katie arrived and will hopefully get back to Mo-jive as well soon.  I'm not sure I can stay awake beyond 10pm though so it might be that I have to leave earlier than I used to.

I am very excited because I am hopefully picking up my new car tomorrow.  I have been waiting for the right car to come along since Christmas.  I wanted a black Nissan Qashqai but wanted an automatic transmission this time.  They are like golddust.  I finally found one at the end of last week and it is currently being moved down to the south of the country where we live.  Katie is every excited too.  When I showed her the same car today when we were driving she said "Wow mummy".  I will miss my little Beetle very much.  It was my dream car and I'm sad to be selling her but excited to join the realms of the family car!  We need the additional boot space badly (and not just for nappy changes on the hop!).  I need to now spruce up my little car ready to sell.

In a few weeks time we will have our review meeting to agree whether we can formally adopt Katie.  I am going to phone up for the paperwork today.  We have to wait 10 weeks from when she officially joined up to apply but our review meeting isn't until week 12 so we have to wait until then to get it all started.  It will be nice when she shares our surname officially and I know that she can't be taken away from us.  I can't imagine life without our little lady now.


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