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Well it's been a week and I've not written anything here. Where have I been? What on earth has been going on?  Well, not very much online (well not that I can tell you because I've not been there) but something quite big in the world where you can touch people physically (and not just emotionally).

I've had laser eye surgery!

I had the surgery, very romantically, on Valentines Day (funnily enough they had some spare appointments). I now officially have 20:20 vision (better in fact!) and am a Non-Glasses Wearer (NGW) - well until the need for reading glasses becomes even more apparent. But for now I'm relishing seeing the world with more clarity (with just a little bit of haziness around the edges until I'm all healed up) than I've seen it for over 20 years. All I can say is WOW!

Because I'm supposed to be limiting the strain I put on my eyes I've not been online very much and certainly haven't been writing (although I'm itching to write all the details of the surgery down in full and graphic detail for anyone who's interested).  Do let me know below if you want to hear all the details!

I've  been a reasonably good girl and followed doctor's orders.  Honest!
(I've not spent the past few days trawling through the internet to book hotel and flights to EuroDisney......)

I have been good and not been blogging or spending vast quantities of time on Twitter and Facebook though.  I've not watched much TV and I've rested my eyes and listened to my weight-loss hypnosis app every day!

I won't be able to keep it up for much longer though as my fingers are twitching and the need to write is creeping in although the dryness that are currently my eyes is keeping me fairly on the straight and narrow if I'm being honest.  It's half term this week so I'm too busy entertaining Katie and her various friends; chasing the builders; and moaning about the mess that is currently our house to have time to write.

I will just say that we finally have a date for panel and our PAR is just about finished!! 

I'm now signing off to go back to watching the TV resting my eyes and will see you all again soon!!


  1. I want to know all the details, might make me be a bit more interested in getting it done myself...

    1. I'll write it all up for you and you can see what you think. I'm now a week and 2 days post surgery and feeling better and better by the day. My vision is still a tad hazy but I can see amazingly well. Will blog once Katie is back at school next week and I have some time.

  2. My brother had that done, he said it was a bit scary seeing the beam coming directly at his eye but I think overall it has been worth it. I would consider getting it done if I had enough money but the main thing that worries me about it is that my sight might just deteriorate again naturally in a year or so after it so that £ outlay would be no use then.

  3. Glad your vision is so good now. I'm a bit squeamish about eyes, so not brave enough to go for laser surgery...well done you!

    Thanks for linking up to the weekly adoption shout out x

  4. This post really made me giggle! Glad you are enjoying your new vision. I am fed up of glasses too and am now contemplating contact lenses!! Not brave enough for surgery!!


    1. LOL Lily. I still can't believe that I've had it done tbh. I'm seeing myself glasses-free for the first time in over 20 years and it is, quite simply, weird!!

  5. Great that you've been able to have the surgery and hope you are recovering well. Love the pictures.

    Thanks for linking up with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out.


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