Mothers Day

 On this Mothers Day I count my blessings. I look at my beautiful daughter and think of what we all went through to be become a family. How blessed we are to have each other.

We all had a journey. 

I think of my son or daughter who will join us soon and wonder what their journey has been so far and of what our lives will be like next year as we become a family of four.

I think of all the Birth Mothers who are unable to be with their children for whatever reason. 

I think of my friends whose children have died. 

I think of all the adoptees for whom this day can be a complex one. 

I think of my estranged relationship with my own mother and wish her some happiness. 

I think of all the single mothers who might not get treated today.

Today we will light a candle for Katie's Birth Mother. We will think of her and send her best wishes. It will be part of our day, but not all.

Now I'm going to bake everyone's favourite brownies and simplify all of the above with chocolate stickiness......

Edited to add the following link that I found in The Guardian. An adoptive mum writes an open letter to her daughter's birth mum entitled Letter to Daughter's Other Mother.


  1. Chocolate brownie sounds like the perfect accompaniment to a day full of joy with a side helping of more complexities than the average day can hold!

    1. The brownies were delicious and served warm with some vanilla ice-cream. Big hit with everyone. Definitely the perfect accompaniament to what was a difficult day at times.

  2. Hope you all have a lovely day.

  3. Very moving and poignant. I clicked on 'cool' above but i don't know if you get told who gave you the 'cool'.

    1. Oooh thank you. I don't think anyone has ever clicked on one of those before!! Thank you for that!!

  4. Replies
    1. It is isn't it? I got the idea from a training course I went on last week about the emotional journey of the adopted child which I will be blogging about once I get a spare hour. Candle lighting is something that we like to do in our house.

  5. This is such a thoughtful post; so many people affected so differently by this day.

    We use candles a lot to communicate with CHTs Mother. Its a great portal when you don't have much tangible to connect with. Much love Mx

  6. Lovely post and so positive. Brownies sound yum and that training course you mentioned in the above comment sounds interesting.


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