Some Days

Some days I'm happy,
Some days I'm sad,
Some days I'm sunny,
Some days I'm mad.
Some days I'm patient
Some days I'm tired,
Some days I'm cranky, hormonal and wired.

Some days I'm smiling,
Some days I'm glum,
Some days I'm frowning,
Some days I'm fun.
Some days I'm calm,
Some days I panic,
Some days I can't think and am really quite manic.

Some days we make things,
Some days we walk,
Some days we play,
Some days we talk.
Some days we swim,
Some days we cuddle,
Some days end up in rather a muddle.

Some days I like you,
Some days I don't,
Some days I will.
Some days I won't.
Some days I get it.
Some days I doubt
Some days I'm clear and some I just shout.

Some days life's easy,
Some days quite tough,
Some days I'm gentle,
Some days too rough.
Some days I'm perfect,
Some days I'm not,
Some days I'm happy with all that I've got.

Some days I'm picky,
Some days I'm cool,
Some days I'm underdog,
Some days I rule.
Some days I'm organised,
Those days are rare,
Some days we get there with moments to spare.

Some days I'm dancing,
Some days I write.
Some days I'm singing,
Some days I fight,
Some days I iron,
Some days I feel free.
Some days I just want to gaze out to sea.

All of these facets make up all you see,
The highs and the lows
The you and the me.
The Wife and the Mummy, the writer, the clown,
The wearer of smiles and creator of frowns.
The cook and the washer, the cleaner of bums
And all of these elements make me your mum

(written by Gem at Life with Katie)


  1. All days you rock
    And each day you tell truth
    As herein you document
    Your children's youth
    You provide inspiration
    And tell us it straight
    The ways of your family;
    Adoption is great.

  2. Enjoyed this poem, was nice to read something simple yet effective. I could see me in all of the lines apart from 'some days I iron' as i don't iron!! :)

    1. Lol I never used to iron but these days it's a measure of how not in control of my life I am lol x

  3. I loved the poem. I'm everything most of the days :-)

    1. So glad I'm not the only one! Thank you for your reply xx

  4. I loved the poem. I'm everything most days! :-)

  5. Never a truer word said - the life of a Mum :)

    1. How I would have loved to write that I get it right every day. Would have been a short poem though lol

  6. Lovely, and bang on too - great stuff!


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