Groundhog Day or It's NOT Fair......

It's been an emotional few days here in the Katie household. Emotional is an understatement really. And it's all because of these......

Elsa boots from Disney's "Frozen" film.

They're hideous to my mature eye but to a 6 year old. Katie they are a thing of total beauty and she has fallen in love.  She first met the object of her desire two days ago at a birthday party. A friend was wearing a pair. Katie rushed home desperate to have a pair so she and her friend "could be twins".  We looked online.....

Sold Out Everywhere!  Sold out on every Disney store. Sold out on EBay.

Katie was heartbroken. We could tell she was heartbroken by the weeping and wailing and screaming and shouting. It kinda gives it away.  We agreed I would contact Disney on Monday.

So I did.

I spoke to our local Disney store and also waited for ages on the telephone for a Disney cast member to answer the call at HQ. Both were very friendly and very helpful but ultimately had bad news. The boots are winter stock aimed at the Christmas market and they don't know if they're going to have any more stock in the future because the Spring stock is coming in.  Computer says No!

It's still the middle of the winter for goodness sakes! AND the film is still showing in the cinemas. Why's top the stock now? There's still money to be made.

You can imagine how well this went down with Katie. She doesn't really understand or doesn't want to.  I have to check online every day. She is devastated. She wants those boots and nothing is going to dissuade her. This is the first thing she has ever been this emotional about and wanted so much (although having said that I do remember a tantrum in Tesco one day over a toy dog) and I hate seeing her feel like this. Tonight she had a total meltdown over it all and went to bed sobbing.

I know that time will be a great healer and I'm sure that something else will come along that she wants but at the moment we're stuck in and emotional Groundhog Day.

Disney.....surely there is some magic you can pull for me? I do believe in magic! A size 12 or 13 please.....


  1. I hate to suggest it, but can you make it so you are the mean person? They are too expensive/the heels are too high/they are too white? Although that may cause a lot more resentment, she may understand "Mum says no" more?

    I am so happy we haven't reached this stage yet!

  2. I checked the Disney store here in NJ and they do not have them but they do the have black Anne boots.


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