One of the things that Katie and I enjoy doing together is making loom bands, along with half of the rest of the world it would seem.  Initially Katie was keen to have the bands and for me to make the more complicated bracelets etc for her but slowly she is getting herself involved and can now whip up a quick bracelet like a professional.

There are loom bands everywhere in our house it would seem.  My poor Henry vacuum cleaner is groaning every time I beg him to clean up for me as he fears for his innards clogging up with yet more brightly coloured bands - he secretly told me that he doesn't feel he needs a gastric band of any kind thank you very much!

We were very excited to be asked to have a play with some Rainbow Braid loom bands available from Amazon and say what we thought of them.  When I say "some" loom bands, what I mean to say is 5,400 brightly coloured loom bands.  I'm sure you can imagine Katie's excitement when she heard they were arriving.  Rainbow Braid even kindly sent us a new loom and hook as well, for which we are very grateful because we are constantly fighting over our loom.

The bands arrived within 2 days which was very impressive (even more so when you're constantly being asked when they will be arriving!) and Katie ripped open the bag enthusiastically (with me hovering behind her desperately trying to ensure I got the photographs before we had loom bands all over the floor!). 

As I expected Katie nabbed the pink before I could get a look in!

I tried to convince her to make a pink and green bracelet but she's having none of it!

 The bands are beautifully coloured.  They are very soft and stretchy which is great for little fingers, especially for children and adults who like to make their bracelets on their fingers.  The vast quantity of bands in the refill pack will keep you looming for a long time and there are 250 s-clips for the all important finishing.  Katie has been using the bands to make some pretty bracelets and giving them away as presents for her friends.  I made my nephew a flower bracelet which is fiddly but a design I've made before.  I did feel that I preferred a thicker band for that particular design because you have to slide the loom hook under the band on the hook and pull with your fingers and I found I was struggling to grab hold of the bands because they are so soft and translucent.  I am currently making Katie a head band with them however using a tri-band method and am finding that they work really well for this design.  I had hoped to have pictures of the head band when writing this post but time has over-taken me (and I got a quarter of the way through and realised I'd made a fatal error and had to restart) and it's not yet completed (Katie does like to set me a challenge and this one will take many hundreds of bands to complete - luckily I have 5,400 bands to help me along!).  I will add the picture to this review however when it's completed so you can see what it looks like.

Up close view of my flower bracelet
My nephew was delighted with his bracelet and keen to learn how to make his own
 All in all we were both totally delighted with the Rainbow Braid loom bands refill pack!

As is always the case the views in this post are all my own.  We received the bands to review and keep but have not been told what to write in any way.


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