Swifty and Pip! A Love Made To Last?

Every day Pip watches this with great excitement, over and over again. Every morning he hands me his "blue paddy" and says "State Gace Mummy, Red State Gace" and he sits, face enraptured, as the opening bars of the music commence.

It's important to put the right video on. He's moved on from the video from The X-Factor because this one is far more exciting. Is it the colours? Is it her hot pants? Who knows!

Every time is like he's watching it for the first time. First there is Taylor behind the red curtain in giant shadow form. The excitement mounts as the curtain falls away as she stands, at the top of the stairs, singing with minimal timed movements, holding Pip and the crowd in her thrall. Every single time he grabs my hand and shouts in awe for me to watch when Taylor walks down the steps "Move Mummy, move" and then screams with massive excitement as she jumps down the final few steps. "Jump Mummy, Jump!"

He then flicks his head from side to side along with her. All whilst singing along. He knows all the words (in 2 year old speak of course). He's a man obsessed. I'm sad to say I've removed Swifty from the car (as much as I too love her) because I'm afraid I'll fall into an hypnotic state and crash the car......

Is this a love to last a lifetime? Is it Puppy Love? Is this the start of a fascination with hot pants?

I await to see with interest..........


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