We've had a great few days.  Daddy has been home for 4 days and Katie has loved having him home.  It has been great watching their bond deepen.  She allowed him to comfort her tonight which was lovely to see.

Katie has loved the Easter Bunny and the, yet more, presents he brought her.  She has a pile of chocolate eggs to eat, carefully monitored by Mummy and Daddy.  We bought her an Easter puzzle and a huge Chick as well as her favourite Peppa Pig egg with a new bowl and spoon.  Yesterday we cooked a lovely roast lunch for us and Nana and Pops and my sister.  We baked Easter cakes which were a real hit and also brownies for dessert.  Today we went to a friends house for an Easter hunt.  Katie was excited that she found four chicks and a painted egg.  We discovered that she loves garlic bread today.

Katie has a love affair with the Teletubbies (or Tebbetubbies as Katie calls them) going on and we have to watch their song over and over on the "puter".  We find ourselves singing the song as we go about the house!  Singing is a real favourite of Katie's and we have so many different songs we sing, both in the form of the usual nursery rhymes and also some silly songs that we have created.  Another huge favourite is the Winnie the Poo song which I remember from my own childhood.

Katie continues to do so well.  She is such a happy and bright little girl.  She is a real joy to be around.  Today she really made me laugh.  She had gone down for her nap and she was still chatting to herself an hour later so I went up to see what was going on.  She was sat in her cot on the top of a pile of bedding reading a book.  She said "I'm awake" when I went in.  No kidding you're awake little miss!  She has developed another cold so her poor little nose is streaming.  She is on good form despite this however and we've had some lovely moments today.  She spent some time with Daddy on her own yesterday to see how she would cope without me around.  We have bought her a new sand and water play tray so we decided to let her play with it for the first time when I went out.  It was a huge hit and they were both soaked through when I returned!

Our first Easter as a family has been great.  So normal.  She has been here three weeks today, it feels like she's been here forever.  I am feeling more tired some days and I really need to get back to my yoga because my back is feeling the fact that I'm picking up 28 pounds of little pickle on a regular basis. It's all an adjustment though and I'm sure it will sort itself out.

I fall in love a little more with my daughter every single day.  She is just perfect.  One of the best things was that she said "I love you" to me last night for the first time.  Magical!


  1. I hear there is a local osteopath with a nice lady who will read stories to children while Mummies are treated!! :-)


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