A very cool dude.....

Where has the Easter break gone?  I can't seem to keep up with time anymore.  My days fly by in a whizz of breakfast; games; napppies; naps; more games; and then collapsing on the sofa after attempting to keep up with the housework!  A thoroughly modern mummy!  I thought work was difficult!! We've had a lovely Easter despite all being unwell and Katie teething and having a few grumpy bugs that needed to be playfully removed!  She is a very sunny and cheerful young lady most of the time so she is easily forgiven her few tantrums.  She seems to accept the word "no" eventually, except regarding food!  If she doesn't want to eat it, it ain't happening.  I am reassured to hear that 0-3 year olds don't need the sort of diet we adults are supposed to aim for and it seems universally accepted that toddlers will scream "Yeeeeuch" at anything remotely related to the vegetable family.  Katie does love yogurt and cheese with the odd bit of ham and also spagetti and sausages, and of course, grapes, grapes and more grapes.  She does like Wotsits as well and today discovered the spicy hot ones which she loves.  That's my girl!  I try her on new things most days alongside the trusted favourites.  She has now eaten some artfully cut sandwiches and today we might even try some honey dew melon for afternoon snack.  Wish me well with that one!

Katie continues to cope amazingly well with getting to know the people in her new family or "bambi" as she pronounces it!  She is a total pickle much of the time. I am learning to recognise the days when she wakes up with a real pickle in her belly and those are the days we are out of the house on a big adventure.  If we stay at home on those days she has been known to do things like turn up the oven when Mummy is making brownies and turn on the grill.  Thankfully the house hasn't burned down just yet!  We can see how much more settled she is because she is exploring her surroundings more.  Of course that usually comes along with me rushing behind her saying "no Katie no!"  She will think that that is her name soon!

We had a lovely day out at our local common with our friend Sophie and her children yesterday.  Katie loves the children and it was so wonderful watching her play with them and also allowing her a bit more freedom with them.

Katie was sent a present from a friend of mine in the USA this week.  She received a gorgeous dress with matching coat, sun glasses and hair clips.  She loves the yellow sun glasses and looks a totally cool dude in them!!

I think I've now come down from the high that accompanied being matched with Katie and bringing her home.  I think tiredness will do that though.  I am still fighting off the remains of the bug and have another low grade infection in my sinuses.  Not bad enough to warrant a trip to the GP but annoying and tiring.  Katie hasn't shaken hers off totally either and that is topped off with her teething some back teeth.  Her poor little face has two little sores on either side of her mouth where she is dribbling constantly.  She is wonderful at letting me put vaseline on it when she sleeps.  We have also discovered that my Soap and Glory Righteous Butter Body Cream works better on her dry skin than the Diprobase we were advised to use.  Her legs look wonderful now.  I am so delighted and Katie loves using Mummy's cream.

Daddy has been working a bit too hard just lately and hasn't been around as much as he would like. We hope this will change once a new person is appointed at work at the end of the month.  He is missing out on a lot at the moment. I have taken to doing little videos for him to watch so he can see the cute things she does.

Katie is getting much more attached to me now.  Today at naptime she finally wanted cuddles before she slept.  That is a real breakthrough.  She is now letting me kiss her as well.  It's so wonderful watching her trust us more and more each day.  Totally amazing.  She is rather amazing without question.  For the first time in many years I am now able to wonder what my child will do during her life and the person she will become.  I can't believe that after 15 years of waiting we have been blessed with such a little treasure.


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