BritMums Live!

There is a blogging conference run by BritMums running in London on 22nd and 23rd June 2012 called BritMums Live and  I would love to attend.  Why?

Well firstly this is a relatively new blog.  I'm finding my feet.  I don't have the awards that other bloggers entering this competition have.  I'm a newbie to promoting my blog.  I've joined the world of Twitter and met some amazing people.  I have received some lovely feedback via this blog and email from the people that read Life with Katie.

I write about Adoption, our adoption with Katie mostly, but also about some of the wider issues effecting adopters and adoptees.  I am writing about our journey as second time prospective adopters.  I want to promote the positives about adoption.  Life isn't always easy as an adopter.  There are subtle little differences being an adoptive parent.  I try to highlight those subtleties so that other adopters and prospective adopters can see that they are not alone and also prepare themselves for some of those feelings and difficulties in advance.  The life of an adopter brings difficulties that can be pre-known and prepared for and also throw up issues that weren't anticipated.  Many things are typical parenting issues and some are specific to adopted children.  Our experience so far has been very positive, as has the experiences of many of my friends who are adopters.  I hope that more people will consider that adoption is an option for them and I very much hope that this blog will help people along the way.  I keep in touch with the people who email me and try and offer support where I can.

I would love the opportunity to meet other bloggers.  Meet some of the people whose blogs I read and admire and who I tweet with.  I want to have the opportunity to discuss some of the issues around blogging and what I want to create with my blog.  Do I want to maintain the purity of this blog and avoid advertising, which is my instinct, or do I want to dip my toes into the waters of the other options available?  Should I pay for my own site? I would love the chance to speak to more experienced bloggers about their experiences and pick their brains.  I've really been winging it so far.  Trying to work out how to promote my blog and gain readers and get my message out there.  I want to think about where I want to take this blog.  Do I want to spend more time writing?  What sort of costs might I be supporting?  Attending the BritMums conference would give me the opportunity to spend time with like-minded people and hopefully get some of these answers.  I might even absorb some inspiration by osmosis, simply being in the same environment as all these amazing people!

So BritMums Live, I would LOVE to win a ticket.  Actually if I'm honest I'd love to win two tickets and take Mrs VanderCave at Back of Beyond Baking with me, partly for moral support and partly because she is also a rookie blogger, finding her feet, and also because she could really do with a bit of a break from the Back of Beyond where Post-Viral Fatigue is keeping her a bit of a prisoner.

Thank you from the Lady Behind the Stork!! I'll even give you puppy dog eyes if that helps? Mrs VanderCave's son gave me a Masterclass in how to do them.  I'm getting quite good at them now.......imagine how good a blogger I might be after the Britmums Live Conference if I learn that quickly?


  1. Well I sincerley hope you win your tickets as I for one am benefitting hugely from reading your blog, as you know I have mostly on read negative stuff about adoption so reading your story has helped a lot and too be honest if I wasnt adopting I would still think it was a very interesting read! best wishes

  2. I really hope you win your tickets too. I love your blog and Mrs V-C's too! And then you can feedback everything you've learnt to me too ;-)xx

  3. Ah sweetie, sorry I hadn't caught up with this until now! Yey go! Gem win us some tickets I would love to come with you and You totally deserve it, your blog is brilliant and so helpful to so many people!! xxxxxx

  4. OOOOh hope you win, if you haven't already. xxxx

  5. OMG!!! I won a ticket!! I can't believe it!!! I'm jumping up and down with some serious excitement here!!



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