Drought Conditions!

Well, I can definitely say I'm impressed with the Wet-Stop 3 and my daughter because, between them, she has now been dry for 

7 nights!!  

I have been lifting her when I go to bed.  I have to say that I quite like this time because she is all snoozy and sleepy and huggly. I pick her up and take her to the loo, sort her out, and then take her back to bed and snuggle her back down again.  She's awake enough to tell me she loves me but sleepy enough to go straight back to sleep!  Gorgeous!!  

She's loving putting the gold stickers on her chart every evening and, dare I say this aloud, she is going to bed nicely as well.  She did mess about for the first 3-4 nights of using the alarm but now she is totally cool about the whole thing.

Well done Katie!! Proud of you honey!


  1. How does that work? An alarm goes off when you wee!? Not sure I understand but glad you are in drought conditions already.

  2. Hi MS! The alarm part clips to the child's PJ or nightdress top and there is a wire with a clip on the end that you clip near to their genital area. This clip has a sensor on it that senses any moisture, so as soon as the child starts to wee the alarm/buzzer (or both) goes off and wakes them up. This helps their brain register when their body is doing a wee whilst asleep. We only needed the alarm for one night (was quite loud and scared Katie a bit - I'm sure it played a big part in the success though). After that night we just put the buzzer on but it's only gone off once, literally as she was just about to wee. It's been pretty amazing actually. Very impressed indeed. The child gets a gold star for a totally dry night or a silver star if they have a small wet patch but make it to the toilet for the rest of their wee. It teaches the brain to register the wee sensations during sleep. Katie is such a deep sleeper that we thought this might help her as she wasn't showing any signs of being dry. This monitor got good reviews on Amazon so I thought I'd give it a go. Have been really impressed. Will keep using it for at least another week and then see how she gets on without it. Will lift her for another month I think and then see how she gets on through the whole night. Fingers crossed.

    Greta - thanks!! It is!


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