Accio CRB Checks

In March 2012 Daddy and I attended our prep course for our second adoption. Immediately after that course we completed our CRB check forms and were told someone from our Local Authority would come and check them and send them off.  This never happened and we were then asked to wait until we were allocated a Social Worker for our Home Study. This happened in June and we passed our CRB forms to our Social Worker and she gave the to our LA to be sent off. Nothing then happened. In November I started to get very concerned so I chased the LA and was told some total codswallop about the forms being sent off in June but that they were taking a long time to be returned. I was later told that they had never been sent off.


By this time the forms were out of date and we had to complete the forms again.  They were then sent off in November. Due to that, and other missing information, our panel date was postponed.

Today, only a mere 9 and a half months after completing the forms we received our CRB checks in the post and emailed our SW with the news that we were officially fine and upstanding members of society.

Now all we need is for our LA to find our missing personal reference; approve our PAR and.....



Where's Harry Potter or Hermione Granger when you need them? 
I think a little magic is required at this point




  1. Meanwhile they gave you your first child and she's doing great. What if they had found you unfit this time? What would that have said about their decision to let you adopt the first time? It's crazy and tragically unfair to a child who could possibly have been adopted last summer.

    1. LOL very true - and something we have said as well!

      PS - Thank you x


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