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I thought I would share with you a questionnaire we have completed recently as part of our home assessment. I'm sharing it partly to give an insight into some of the questions asked when you are a prospective adopter and partly because it was really hard to fill this form out with a straight face (as any human living with cats will testify!).  My real answers are in blue and the answers I would have liked to have given or added are in pink.......


Name of prospective adopter(s)  ……………******……………………………..

1)     Total number and type of pets in the house:

2 Maine Coon Cats (one fairly small female MC and one tom cat the size of a snow leopard).

2)     How long have you had the pets?

We've had Leo for about 18 months and Willow for a year (that's two Christmasses with each cat and the knocked over Christmas trees to prove it!).

3)   Where in the house are the pets kept

The cats can go wherever they want to in the house because let's face it cats do whatever they want to do and Maine Coons are the kings of doing whatever they want to do! (and very gorgeous with it!).  I've never known cats like MCs.  They are amazing cats to share your life with but they do like to be with you at all times.  Actually scrap that entire answer and just define "kept" for me........

4)   Do the pets have access to any rooms of the house? If yes, which ones?

      All Rooms. Every bloomin room in the house in fact. Even the toilet because they will scrabble at the door and call continuously until you let them in.  I now know what it's like to never be alone.  Leo likes to sit on the toilet next to the shower whilst I'm showering! I'm quite a strict parent as well......honest!

5)     Where do the pets sleep?
            Sofas and beds and anywhere else they think a nap is suitable......often on the kitchen table (yes I know it's gross and I've never allowed it before with any of our cats in over 20 years but I really do mean it when I say that MCs rule the roost! Let's just say I anti-bac ALOT!). I'm learning to pick my battles - great preparation for parenting toddlers!  As I write this Willow is sitting next to me at the kitchen table (waiting patiently for me to go to bed - giving me lots of yawning hints - when I give in and go to bed both she and Leo will join me and take up half the bed!).

6)     Do the pets use a litter tray, if so where is it kept?

Yes, the litter tray is kept in the upstairs bathroom. They are very good at using the litter tray and like to ensure they cover all their poo carefully by scrabbling and knocking their litter all over the floor - they then like to shake their paws all over the floor as well and I sweep up this particular bathroom about 5 times per day (I've never known cats to poo as much as MCs do!).  Willow rips through every litter tray liner so it's a balancing act to try and get all the litter in the bin when changing it to prevent it falling all over the floor!

7)     How often are the pets cleaned out and by whom?

            Daily by Gem. Pretty much anytime I visit the upstairs loo and smell one of their horrific smelling stink pods!  MCs do the smelliest poos you've ever smelled in your entire life!

8)     Where is the pets’ food and any medication kept?

            In a box in the lobby which is annexed to the kitchen. We've had to keep it in a closed box because the cats are able to open treats and bags and pouches of food with their teeth and claws.  There is no food they are unable to open themselves (except tins but I'm sure they're doing a masterclass on how to do that behind my back!). Leo likes to drink out of the tap rather than from his drinking bowl - is that a problem?

9)     If appropriate, are the pets kept up-to-date with vaccinations? Verification by regularly used vet?

            Yes (nothing more I can add here really) - they are also insured after Leo cost us over £1000 in surgical bills when he developed the rare entropian of the eyes when he was a kitten.

10)  Have any of the pets ever bitten/scratched anyone?

            The cats will only scratch with provocation and if feeling threatened or if they're playing (especially Willow).  They bite each other in play all the time and Willow is a dreadful nibbler of fingers/arms/toes.  They are provoked daily by Katie who has not yet learnt to leave them the hell alone but actually show amazing restraint considering the professional levels of provocation she directs at them!

11)  Are the pets nervous of other people/children visiting the house?

            No they are very sociable cats. Because they are the kings of the universe they feel that all attention is good attention (and should be directed at them) so they lap up all the tummy tickles and ear scratchings.  They have some great hiding places for when it all gets too much ( I wish I could join them some days!)

12)  Are there any pets you would be willing to accept in your home?

            We would discuss any pets apart from snakes and spiders........

13)  If you keep potentially dangerous animals eg. Snakes or spiders – are they kept in a locked cage?
Where are the keys kept?

N/A and we're aiming to keep it that way!

14)  What steps would you take if your pet injured a foster child?

We would investigate how the injury was obtained. Our cats would not scratch without being provoked. We chose this breed because they are family orientated and brilliant with children. Both cats are wonderful with our 5 year old daughter despite being picked up and annoyed fairly frequently. I rather suspect I would side with the cats if any injuries were sustained (only joking Social Services if you're reading this!).

Signature of prospective adopter(s) 


Assessing officer’s/social worker’s comments on animal and the attitude of their owner(s):

I can't wait to see what our assessing SW writes in this section especially as the cats never leave her alone and I'm sure Willow has tried to wash her hair!

Signature of assessing officer/social worker: ……………………………………………………….……

Date: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Just one of the many forms you have to complete whilst going through the adoption process.......


  1. We had a cat assessment too - in response to 'is the cat trained?' my husband thought it funny to say YES, she jumps through rings of fire..... There was an awkward silence followed by a disapproving look & the next question!!!

    1. LMAO!! I say things like that too (and generally am assessed as speaking without fully thinking things through - which is fair enough I guess!). Well done to your husband I say!

  2. Lol thought that was a pet adoption form at first and had to go back and check! I love the double answers. I've heard it's best not to give SS *too* much info to run away with...

    1. It is a bit daft really when any animal has an element of unpredictability about it (as do all children!).

      I would always say to be honest but measured with what you say (although if you see my response to Daisybeetle above you'll know that this is a struggle for me!)

    2. I suffer that too - in at the deep end with both feet and no looking first. Perhaps I'll learn to moderate this before getting to application stage, you never know.

    3. Good luck with that one!! I'm still working on it. In my defence I say that I'm passionate about the things I'm talking about and the SWs have noted that I would be the person who would open my mouth and fight for my children. I'm not a total bull in a china shop but I do struggle to stop once I get going!! LOL

  3. Haha, brilliant. Having two cats myself, I completely get your answers.

    1. LOL Sezz. I think all us "catty" people do. It's so funny trying to sum up living with cats for a form. The sheer size of Leo puts a number of adults off (although most just use the word "Magnificent!").

  4. hilarious! our response to the "where do the cats poo?" question was... in the neighbour's garden :)

    1. Brilliant! A very child friendly answer as well (well maybe not for next doors kids!) lol


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