Adoption Stories: Helen's Story.....

Today I'm handing the blog over to second time adopter Helen. As a second time adopter myself Helen and I have much in common and I share her happiness at being able to keep siblings together. Something I hope will benefit Katie and Pip throughout their lives....

For the reason why I've started this series of Adoption Stories please read the first post here

Helen's Story.....

What have you done in 2 and a half years - worked, travelled? 

Well me and my husband have been through the adoption process twice and 9 weeks into placement two life is pretty darn good. 

George was placed 2 and a half years ago at a young age of 9 months old. The little baby we had dreamt of was perfect - well no this isn't the case chaos descended in our lives; this child we should have known had come to stay forever and we didn't have a clue what made him tick. He was constantly poorly and never stopped crying and whinging. One good day led to three bad, I smiled and gritted my teeth and made the outside world believe we were happy. He cried when I left him he cried when I returned. The only good thing he did was sleep 12-13 hours a night. Soon 6 months passed  and I returned to work for 2 days a week. George spent half a day with grandma and half day in nursery and things seem to calm a bit. I've no idea what happened one day 9 months later but it was like a switch was turned on, George just changed into our little cute boy we dreamt of. Don't get me wrong we had wobbles but he turned a corner he started to enjoy us and us him. Life was great!

One year and six months in fab fab fab then the moment we thought would happen sooner happened - the call - for baby Ethel had arrived! Meetings stepped up foster to adopt was requested and denied as it deemed too risky that Ethel could be returned to family, courts opened and adjourned but finally 6 months later all stations go, panel hearings, intros and a speedy 7 day introductions and Ethel moved in. What a joy it is to have worked so hard and fought the great fight to keep these two children together side by side. George has struggled with his temper towards her with jealously but after an amazing two months and a few weeks the glue is drying and they stick together like true siblings, and this melts my heart that it's all paid off, we are parents again but our precious baby boy has kept a small part of his blood with him, for life, to keep forever something that's 'his'.

Adoption in reflection is very frustrating, you can't always see the answer but it's the most amazing feeling in the world that I've changed their lives, I've fought for them, I love and cuddle them and protect them and now they are mine to keep. 

(Names have been changed to protect identities)

Helen is 35 years old and her husband is 36. They've been together 17 years and married 8 years and live in an old dwelling in the countryside in Yorkshire.

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  1. Lovely story. I really appreciate that you you say how it wasn't all easy at the beginning but that it took nine months to really start enjoying each other. Important to know I think.


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