My Child-To-Be

I wonder if you’re sleeping
Soundly in your bed?
Whilst thoughts of you,
My child-to-be,
Are swimming in my head. 
And maybe while you’re resting
You’re dreaming of my smile.
It won’t be long,
My child-to-be.
Just wait a little while.
Perhaps you’ll be awake soon,
As the sun begins to rise.
I’m waiting now,
My child-to-be,
To meet your sparkling eyes. 
And all the while I think of you,
Your angel’s somewhere near.
He’s keeping you,
My child-to-be,
Until he brings you here. 
I feel that you are with me now,
Although we seem apart.
Already close,
My child-to-be,
You’re growing in my heart.
Written by my dear friend P Broughton


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