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  1. I have come across this blog from reading another one and I had to stop reading at 2011 post's and say this is thrilling me with joy with everypost I read! I am 3/4 through homestudy and frankly feeling a bit wobbly as I have been reading a lot of forums which are scaring the living daylights out of me!! This is filling my heart with joy at hearing how lovely your little family appears to be. Must go now as I'm desperate to read more. Thank you so much

  2. Hi there and thank you for your absolutely lovely comment on my blog. I hope your home study is going well. The nerves and anxiety do kick in the closer it all gets to panel I think. Part of the reason I wanted to keep this blog is to just give our experience of adoption. Some days are very different from others but that's the joy and stress of parenting generally and adoption particularly. Katie has adjusted really well to our family life. She has anxieties around separation from me but they thankfully don't impact on her too much or influence her behaviour. We don't know what the future will bring and will continue to live one day at a time and take the highs and lows as they come. It's important to be honest with yourselves about what you feel you can manage as a parent and be totally honest with your Social Worker about that so that they can do the best job that they can to match you with the child that is right for you. Our Social Worker did an amazing job of making us a family and we will be eternally grateful. I'm so glad that we trusted her. I will also say that once we were approved our relationship with our Social Worker was much more relaxed and she was positively giddy with excitement when she phoned us to tell us about Katie. They have to tell us the positives and negatives (although I do feel that there is enormous emphasis in the adoption world on the negatives). I know lots of adopters now. Many have similar experiences to us and some have more complications. My experience has been that there have been more positive experiences than negatives. Wishing you lots of luck.


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