Trick or Treating.....

I've just got home from taking Katie out for her first Trick or Treat for Samhain/Halloween with my Sister and my Nephew.  She simply loved the whole experience and looked adorable in her little purple and black witches costume.  I wish I could post a picture.  Everyone said she looked adorable.  She loved the concept of knocking on doors; shouting "Trick or Treat"; and getting sweets. 

If I'm honest I'm not sure how I feel about the Trick or Treat thing.  There feels something wrong really about knocking on people's door for sweets.  We teach our children to be wary of strangers and then encourage them to knock on strangers doors for sweets. The neighbourhood where my sister lives was great though.  Many of the people answered the door in fancy dress and had plates of sweets and goodies prepared.  It felt like the neighbourhood really loved the children and wanted them to have a good time.  Seeing Katie's face and her excitement made me question my own feelings about whether this is something I should be encouraging or not.  I worry about protecting Katie a lot; keeping her safe.  I do want her to have fun though.  I don't want to be overly protective and to suffocate her or make her anxious.  Keeping safe is about making sensible, considered, judgements and that is something I want to help her learn in her lifetime.  Being safe isn't about hiding away and not participating in life.  I am a very cautious person and would love to be more carefree.  I wonder if there is a class I can take to learn that? LOL

Happy Samhain!!!!


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