Birthday Celebrations!

What an amazing weekend Katie has had!  Three days of birthday celebrations and tons of presents.  More than our Queen!! The little lady is high on it all.  I think it will take her the rest of the week to come down again from all the fun and attention and we are seeing some very stroppy behaviour at the moment, bless her.  She must be exhausted.  I know I am!!  I was in bed asleep by 9.30pm on Sunday night!  Everyone is now full of cold and sneezing all over the place.  

Day 1 of the Celebrations: Her birthday party on Saturday was brilliant and all the children had a wonderful time.  The Childrens Entertainer we had hired did an amazing job and I would definitely use him again.  Several of the mums at pres-school have commented this morning on how good it all was.  We round around like the preverbial madpeople on Saturday, blowing up balloons, organising food, decorating the hall etc.  Everything went exactly to plan.  Katie's face when she magicked a real live rabbit with the Entertainer was a total picture.  She couldn't believe it!  We then went home to open all her party presents.  She was so lucky and received some wonderful presents.  She was so delighted with everything. 

Day 2 of the Celebrations: On Sunday we had a small afternoon tea party at home with some close friends and family, with lots of cakes and some party games.  The children played beautifully together, barely an argument between them.  One of my friend's daughters drew the most gorgeous card for Katie during the party.  It brought all the female adults to tears because it said how lucky she was to have such wonderful parents.  We have decided to keep this for the social workers!!  Bless her, she even created additional copies in case we needed them.  She has asked if she can be a referee and speak to the social worker when the time comes so she can tell them the same thing.  How amazing is that?

Milky the Bunny
Day 3 of the Celebrations: Yesterday we went to visit Nana and Pops and then we took Katie out for lunch at Frankie and Bennys followed by The Lion King movie.  Katie hadn't seen the film before and really enjoyed the film.  She looked so cute in her 3D glasses and she sat as still as it is possible for a very active 4 year old to sit.  I can't believe my little girl is 4 years old already.  She has grown so much over the past 18 months.  I decorated the hallway of our house with loads of photographs of Katie, from the day we first met her, up to the current time.  Seeing the changes the past 18 months have brought are phenomenal to see.  She was a toddler when she first came home and now she is looking so grown up and so gorgeous.  She is going to melt and break a few hearts when she grows up, of that I have no doubt.


Joey the Puppy
Katie is currently hiking around everywhere with her two prized birthday possessions, Milky the Bunny and Joey the Puppy.  They are full sized so it is hilarious to see her carrying both of them around at the same time.  She has gone to pre-school today with Milky to show her teacher and is planning to take Joey in tomorrow.  Mike has made her a kennel to keep in her bedroom for Joey and he sleeps very nicely in there each night.  Both of the new additions have been very well behaved indeed!

I did lots of cake baking for Sundays tea party and was very pleased with all my gluten-free cakes and brownies.  I am enjoying baking again but need to expand the repertoire of gluten-free cakes.  It's taken a bit of creativity and lots of mistakes but I'm getting there.  I do need to work on my presentation though.  I've never been an arty person, in the sense of decorating cakes etc and I really need to practice more.  Trouble is, I end up eating all the cakes and that is not doing my expanding waistline any cook whatsoever!  I am starting a diet today to get myself back to the trim size 12 I was last summer.  It's only about 9lbs to get myself back there but those pounds have sneaked on very slowly so I have bought lots of soup today and have a very healthy food week planned.  It's helped some by the fact that I choked (quite badly I might add) on a chunk of chocolate on Saturday night.  Mike had to give my back a good bash to get it back up again.  I haven't touched any chocolate since.  I can't face it.  My migraine specialist will be delighted as he has asked me to try and stop eating chocolate (I take absolutely no notice of him whatsoever as my diet is already so restricted and I refuse to cut anything out of it! He might get his way after all).

Today I am going to attempt to clean the house ready for our initial home visit tomorrow to start the process for our second adoption.  I remember the first time we did this I cleaned the house from top to bottom.  The house was totally immaculate and sparkled like a new pin.  Nowadays I'm happy if the house is hygenic enough to not make anyone ill and is relatively tidy.  I think we will be presenting a very different picture of ourselves this time round. The funny thing is I feel so much more relaxed about the process.  I suspect that is partly because I'm now a mum.  I have achieved that coveted position that I spent so many years trying to achieve. That overwhelming pressure I felt last time to prove that I could be a mum has dissipated but also because I don't have the time or the energy to invest in that level of cleaning anymore.  What's the point?  It is a mess again within 5 minutes anyway.  Our house is now a family home, full of love (and lots of toys) and it feels amazing. I wouldn't change it for the world (except at that time of the month when I cease to have a rational response to a messy house!) 

Roll on tomorrow, the start of our second chapter!


  1. My daughter watches it, she can't talk properly yet but she tries to copy the words sometimes, it sounds really funny!

    1. Aww it's so cute when they try to do that isn't it? These days we get it with pop so gs which is equally as hilarious xx


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