Getting Ready to Party!! Birthdays and Gotcha Days!!

Katie is going to be 4 in the next week so we are preparing for her birthday party on Saturday.  She is having a joint party with one of her best friends, who is 4 two days after her.  Excitement is building in our house at the moment.  Presents are being hidden (not very well as Katie found one of them! Rookie error!).  We have booked an entertainer (and paid extra for his musical trousers - one for the mums perhaps?) and he is doing pretty much everything, bar the food.  How great is that?  Katie can't wait for it to be her birthday.  She is going to be like the Queen though because we are having a party for the children on Saturday and then a house party on Sunday for our adult friends (plus children of course) and then her birthday is actually on Monday so Mummy, Daddy and Katie are going out for the day.  She wants to have lunch in a restaurant so we will be going out.  Only to the local Harvester (anyone who has seen our darling daughter's manners will understand why it's nowhere posher) but she will love it.  She'll order fish and chips as she always does and will eat with gusto!  Three days of celebrations. 

Next week also brings a very special day for us.  Friday will be our year anniversary since we became a legal family.  Our Family Day!  I can't believe where the time has gone.  I was looking at the pictures from our day at the court with the judge.  Katie looks so little.  It was such an emotional day.  A year on she is so grown up and growing more and more beautiful by the day.  We are starting to have our little family traditions.  At bedtime we make hearts with our hands and say "I love you to the moon and stars and Costa and back".  I also want to start a tradition for the Family Day but can't really decide what to do.  We went to the Sea-Life Centre on the day last year so maybe it will be an annual visit to the Centre followed by lunch at Giraffe!!  One thing that I am putting together is a charm bracelet and we will add a new charm each year.  Something that will represent that year in her life so that when she is 18 she will have a bracelet full of memories. 

So much to do so I'd better get on with it all instead of sitting here writing about it!!


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