Spring Forward, Fall Back

Last weekend the clocks went back in the UK.  This officially marks the end of summertime and the start of winter.  I believe the aim in adjusting the time is to ensure that the school children could go to school and return home during the daytime hours.  Last year, once the clocks went back, Katie started to wake up at 5.30am and this continued for most of the winter months.  I am a fairly early riser but a winter of 5:30am wake ups really took its toll on me.  Katie's circadian rhythm is pretty strong I suspect.  This year, bouyed by the fact that when we went to Spain recently we kept Katie on UK time and she slept until a sensible time, I've tried to offset the change in time by putting her to bed at 8pm instead of her usual 7pm.  Has it worked?  In a word, No!  She is currently waking up really early. On the plus side we've had a 5am; a 5:15am and today a 5:30am so maybe by the end of the winter she might be sleeping in until 7am!  I don't think I'll continue putting her to bed at 8pm though.  She is so tired and crabby and argumentative that I'm hoping that if I put her to bed at 7pm and she sleeps until 5:30pm that is, at least, one extra hour and hopefully a little more cheer will return to our house.  As for me, well I'm putting myself to bed earlier as well to try and ensure I get sufficient sleep (and, who knows, maybe I'll have a little more cheer as well!).

If anyone has any sensible suggestions for helping a child adjust to the seasonal time adjustment I would love to hear them!


  1. just been thinking about this and realised that as the clocks have gone backwards by putting her to bed at 8pm that is 9pm in real time. It maybe that she is now so over tired that it is messing with her sleep patterns? Just a thought! keep up the good work sweetie. X

  2. ROTFL!!! Am I so sleep deprived that I didn't even realise this? Oh dear oh dear oh dear!! There is no hope for my poor brain! Thankfully I put her to bed at 7pm last night and she slept til 6am. Much better. Maybe even earlier tonight then? LOL xxx


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