Ch Ch Ch Changes........

A few evenings ago Daddy and I went to our first ever parents evening at Katie's new school.  As we stood in the playground looking at all the parents (trying to find some of the other parents that we know) it occurred to me how overwhelming change can be and how much change our little girl has already had in her young life.  Even I felt slightly overwhelmed at the sea of new faces.  I struggle with new faces and names because I have a few problems with my memory and facial recognition and I have to meet people at least twice before I can remember their face and name.  I often feel a bit of a wally as I can't remember people's names or where I know them from.  I felt a bit of a sinking feeling at all the new people I would have to try to remember; who I will get along with and what the playground politics will be like and then I thought about how Katie has adapted over the past two years to a new home and friends and family; starting pre-school and meeting new people and making new friends; going to swimming and gymnastics.  She's pretty amazing really.  What an inspiration! She takes so much in her stride and has an amazing memory and recall for the people we have met.  To help us both out I have signed up for the PTA.  Hopefully that will help me meet other parents at the school and also help Katie out with making new friends as well.

We are planning various playdates with children that she will be starting big school with.  There are only four children in her pre-school class that are going to her school but they will all be in the same class so hopefully that will help them all with the change of location and all the new faces.  We have met a girl via another friend (have you noticed how everyone knows everyone else once you have children?) who is also going to the school so we have a playdate lined up with them as well.  Our school visits with Katie start in a few weeks time.  She is excited and knows the name of her new teacher and the name of her class.  She doesn't seem outwardly anxious but I do wonder how she is feeling internally.  I've noticed she is wetting her pants more during the day and wonder if this is anxiety or simply the fact that she can't be bothered to go to the toilet because she's too distracted with other things (I suspect the latter really).  Katie never bothered about wet nappies when she was younger either.

So many ch ch ch changes on the horizon with school and hopefully our second much for us all to take in our stride. My little girl is starting to grow up.  School will probably mark the start of her independence growing and our relationship changing as well.  It will be exciting and interesting to see what the next year brings....


  1. Yes, LE started to wet again... it lasted two weeks and we suspected that she was so engrossed in tasks and playing, she just 'forgot'(plus other children at school did it too which made it 'ok'....) hope it's short-lived!

  2. My so starts school in September, he must be similar age to your daughter. Am so nervous. I think it's probably easier for children they have less preconceived ideas about it all. Am so nervous for him but trying not to show it.

  3. Love your blog! My daughter starts school next year and we recently did a visit! i was petrified! x

  4. Kat - that's really reassuring (especially since Katie has just wet herself all over the sofa - methinks it was deliberate though!!LOL). She has been a lot better the past few weeks as well. She's in an odd mood today - overtired I think!

    Helloitsgemma - Yes I am worried about all sorts of things about her starting school. Am trying to calm it all down and trust that it will all be ok but when you know what's waiting for them it's hard to do that isn't it? Good luck to your son!!!

    Chelsea MsMummy - good luck to your daughter as well. I feel like I need to get my brain into gear to feel like I'm on top of all this but I'm on another planet half the time at the moment!! LOL


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