I'm off to Brit Mums Live!

I have my first ever night away soon when I attend the Britmums Conference in London (did I mention that I won a ticket to attend?).  It will be interesting to see how Katie copes with me not being around.  She is used to Daddy putting her to bed when I go out but I'm always there in the morning.  I'm feeling a bit guilty about experimenting on her (and very excited that I am having a mini-break in the capital).  Daddy and I have rarely spent a night apart in 22 years so it's a bit of a big deal all round.  I was going to travel back and forth for the two days but realised that I would be exhausted for the tap show I'm doing on the Sunday (poor Daddy has another day of being the babysitter extraordinaire on the Sunday as well!!) and I would spend the whole conference worrying about when I had to leave. So I've taken the plunge and booked a hotel room. It has a swimming pool and sauna that guests can use as well....I wonder if I'll get a chance to use those facilities......probably not but a girl can dream eh?


  1. Thats fab you won the ticket. Enjoy yourself and dont worry about Katie I'm sure she will be ok and if not I'm sure hubby will learn a thing or two! Let us know how it went and how Katie coped.

  2. my husband and I are at the beginning of our adoption process and must say u'r diary has been a great source of information and inspiration to us. it has given us a lot to think about and has given me a lot of encouragement about the process and what it cld be like with a child in our home if we are lucky enough to be approved.

  3. Funnychic - I will definitely post as to how it all goes. Daddy will be taking Katie to gymnastics on Friday and swimming on Saturday so they have a busy few days. I dread to think what her hair will look like though !! LOL

    Anonymous - I just wanted to wish you well with your adoption journey. I hope you will keep me posted on how it all goes. So glad that this blog has helped in a little way. :-)

    1. thank you.We are at the very beginning of all this and are completing the first application form this weekend and have been given an open evening date for beginning of september. It seems like such a long time away and is already proving to be an emotional rollercoaster with me worrying about whether i can cope with all the challenges that lie ahead!!

  4. Hi there. I can remember waiting for the first open evening as well. Funnily enough ours was in September 2009. It felt like an age away. I, too, worried about the process and what lay ahead. The adoption process itself does stop and start all the time and that can get quite frustrating but hang in there. It's worth it in the end. Once you start your home study things start to take momentum quite a bit and suddenly it's all systems go. Do keep in touch and let me know how you're getting on. Am happy to correspond by email if you don't want to talk publicly. My email is threebecomefour@gmail.com. Gem x


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