Put That In Your Blog......

So now most of the children are back at school, it's time for the Christmas adverts to start running on television. This has resulted in Katie wanting everything she sees advertised. This morning, whilst giving a running commentary of what she wants for her forthcoming birthday and Christmas, Daddy said to her that she could pick one present for her birthday; one present from Father Christmas and one present from us.

Katie's face fell and she said "But I want a hundred presents, you gave me lots last year, that's not fair!". 

She then gave the matter some more thought and said seriously "OK I'll have 52".

She then renegotiated herself down from 11 presents to 10 after which she did a great impression of the Cat in the Hat and, waving her finger around in a circle and a waggle of the head, said "Oh yeah"

Daddy and I started laughing and I said I would write up about the presents in my blog and she repeated her Cat in the Hat impression and said, dead pan "Put that in your blog".

So I have........


  1. I think 10 sounds very fair if you have the big 3 and seven little things in the stocking. Sounds about right to me.

    1. I think you're right. We do tend to get a bit carried away with presents though. We will have to reign ourselves in before she turns into a Dursley.......

  2. Having seen madams playroom 3 sounds sensible but knowing Daddy it is more likely to be 52! ;-)

    1. Hmmm yes, the playroom, where all the toys she currently possesses and never play with live......apart from the dolls of course!


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