What's it like to be in the club?

This speech about adoption by an adopted teenager is very funny; powerful; positive and emotional. It's a must watch and it's wonderful to share something so positive from a young person about their adoption. We hear so many scare stories about Facebook and other social media networking sites but there are positives too as this young man demonstrates.......

What's it like to be in the club?

Some quotes from the speech....

“When it comes to adoption, I am no expert. I am only an expert in my experience.”

While talking about his biological siblings, 
“While we may not live together, they are a part of [our] family.”

“There is no one way to build a family. Family is more than blood and shared genes.
It’s relationships.
It’s about finding out who we care about the most and loving them as much as we can.”

“Adoption beautifully illustrates what is most important about family: 


  1. Lovely post. My best friend is adopted and now in her thirties. She talks so inspiringly about adoption and when I am sitting round the table with her, her mum and dad, and her sister (different birth parents), I just get swept up in the warmth and love they share. I'm sure that had a huge influence on our deciding to adopt relatively early on in our quest to be parents.

    Another friend has an adopted daughter from China who is now 12, and she talks honestly and openly about the unique challenges being adopted - trying to find her birth mum for instance. But the overriding message from her is always joy that her adoptive mum found her, and they are truly soul friends, meant to have found one another.

  2. This is excellent - thanks for sharing it.

  3. Beautiful, exactly how I feel about adoption too. xxx


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