Day 3 of Introductions with Pip

Whilst it was still wonderful to see my little man, today wasn't the easiest of days as little man is getting a bit unsettled by everything now. 

I had a lovely smile to welcome me (he's definitely recognising me now) and we had a lovely play when I arrived, but his Foster Carer said that he didn't go to bed well last night and was very clingy and just didn't want to go to sleep. His FC said it was very unusual for him to cry at bedtime (a knife through my heart).  As a result he was overtired and a bit grumpy today. He was late going down for his nap this morning because I was there and his FC wanted him to have a little bit of time with me before I put him down. By the time we decided to put him in his cot he was really grumpy and didn't know quite what to do with himself.  I felt awful knowing that it was this process that was unsettling him so much. It's all in a good cause but it's not a nice feeling at this point in the process. He's just a little baby and doesn't understand what is going on.

Pip didn't want to go down for his nap when I put him down and he just cried and sobbed so we ended up getting him up and giving him an early lunch in case he was hungry as well as overtired.  He had a marmite sandwich and some cheesy puffs and some cut up plum and I then rocked him to sleep, which apparently his FC never does, but I enjoyed it (and I think he did too) and then I put him in his cot. He only slept for about 30 mins though. He's such a nosey parker, he doesn't want to miss anything! 

I played with him this afternoon. We read a book and sang lots of  "Row, Row, Row your boat" and "I went to the animal fair" (which he loved!!) and then I gave him his bottle again. I don't think I will ever get bored with giving him a bottle. He almost sucks the teat right out of the bottle!! It's hilarious!

I then had to drive home to pick Katie up from school. It's about a 30 minute drive home with a clear road so I need to leave at least 45 minutes before I'm due home to allow for the obligatory motorway roadworks.  It was hard to leave but I need to be practical about things.

We're all going to see Pip tomorrow. Katie and I have been talking about it a lot today. She needed a bit of Mummy time after school today, partly because she was a bit of a banana and got herself into trouble at school today.  Some friends and Katie decided to colour themselves with chalk (rather than their pictures) as school. Teacher was not impressed.  It was one of those situations where I wanted to laugh but also ask the question "how on earth did Katie and her friends have enough unsupervised time to create such a mess?" I had to put her in the shower, which she decided to put up a fight about.  So one monumental meltdown and a shower later, I felt it would be nice to have some time together.  What did we do with our special time? Skipping? Katie is learning to skip and it's so funny! She's almost there.  She challenged me to performing 100 skips - which I did - but then needed a long sit-down afterwards. I need to get myself fitter!

Katie said to me at bedtime, with an excited smile on her face "I know what we should do. We should get me a T-shirt to wear when I see Pip tomorrow saying that I'm his big sister!"  Little does she know that I've got exactly that for her to wear tomorrow and a card congratulating her on becoming a big sister!! :-) Pip has a matching one saying "I'm the little brother!".

Can't wait to see them both wearing them together!!! 


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