The Night Before......

It's the night before we meet Pip. The nursery is ready. The pushchair is decked out with every gadget I can find. I've learned how to make up a bottle safely. The car seat is fitted. The cot has been put together and has some gorgeous bedding and some snuggle friends are nestled within waiting for their baby friend. I've washed more clothes than I knew it was possible to wash. We have nappies and creams and even a baby sling. We're ready. All we need now is a baby.

It's been an amazing weekend. Well I say weekend but the weekend started on Thursday for me with a birthday visit to Harry Potter World. What a day! I cannot tell you how much I loved it there and was so excited to finally be visiting. I won't spoil anything for anyone who wants to go but I will say I came home with the most adorable toy Hedwig that everyone now keeps trying to steal!  I was treated to dinner at our local Prezzos by one of my best friends (and treated to some flirty smiles from the very young waiter) on Friday night and then Saturday we had the baby shower.

We actually decided to set a new tradition and have a "family" shower. Adoption is about making families and everyone in the family is involved so we decided we wanted everyone involved. We had a garden full of children bouncing on the trampoline and joining in with games like "Stick the Dummy on the Baby" and "Guess the Chocolate in the Nappy". We had a sweetie treasure hunt; "Guess the Nursery Rhyme"; "Who's the famous baby?" and a pram PiƱata, with which the children terrified the lives out of the adults! There was some serious venting of emotions on that poor pram I can tell you! Therapists are being sought as we speak!

Each of the guests was given a sheet to write their wishes for Pip. Everyone dived into the task, even the children, and wrote some beautiful wishes that set my tears flowing. Wishes for a happy life and ignoring mean people; becoming a loving and generous man; and a life filled with love and laughter (and definitely not being afraid of cats) filled the sheets. They will be set into an album for Pip to read in the future. So many hopes and dreams were shared and wished. 

I am lucky to count Mrs Vander-Cave from as one of my closest friends and she made me the most beautiful baby shower cake. Considering the cake was totally gluten free so I could eat it, you would have never known. One bite of that chocolate fudge cake had everyone hooked and I was in heaven with the added fondant icing. The decoration was beautiful and set the tears flowing again. Unfortunately the cake has Pip's real name on so I am unable to share a picture here for you to see.

We were given some gorgeous presents: clothes, books, toys and themost adorable pair of shoes and it really was one of those days when my cup runneth over. There was just one tiny person missing from all the fun. 

Tomorrow, at noon, we meet that little man for the first time. My stomach is tied up in knots and dancing with tiny little butterflies at what tomorrow will bring. We will have just one precious hour with him. It doesn't sound much. It doesn't feel enough. It feels surreal at the moment. I keep looking at the cot in the nursery in awe and try to imagine it with a sleeping little man tucked up inside. I wonder what tomorrow will be like. Will Pip take to us? Will we be able to hold him? Will he wonder what on earth is going on and feel overwhelmed with these two crazy people staring at him? Heck I feel overwhelmed! I couldn't really pin point all the emotions I'm feeling at the moment. I know I keep leaking around the eyes at inopportune moments or if someone does something nice for me. I feel excited and terrified in equal measures. I've never been left in charge of a baby for more than a few hours before so there's a learning curve coming my way. I actually Googled "How do you amuse a 7 month old baby?" the other night, feeling like a total numpty as I did so. I was incredibly reassured to read that my normal baby stuff was the standard stuff mentioned so am not feeling quite so totally unprepared now.

I'm hoping to write each day and share what's been happening. We won't be seeing Pip on Tuesday as he has a day out with his Foster Carer planned. Yes, that has totally annoyed me as we will literally meet him and then not see him for a day and I don't know how I'll manage on Tuesday, but I'll try and be the grown up and not moan too much even though I'm not feeling very mature about it. We have a Planning Meeting around lunchtime on Wednesday and then we'll spend some time afterwards on Wednesday and then Thursday with Pip and his Foster Carer learning his routine.

Katie will be meeting Pip on Friday. I've bought her a big sister t-shirt and card as a present for Friday morning and Pip has bought Katie the most incredible My Little Pony Build-a-Bear with wings and a cape and roller skates. She will be blown away as she's wanted one for ages. We'll then see now it all goes once big sis and little bro get acquainted. After that we hope Pip will be all moved in with us by mid half term week. 

What a week it's going to be......





  1. That all sounds awesome. Thrilled for you. And love the idea of everyone's wishes for Pip from the baby shower - that's amazing. Hope it all goes really smoothly.

  2. Best of luck to all of you. New bay is always so exciting. Sure Katie will be a lovely big sister

  3. what a wonderfully exciting emotion filled week you have ahead of you!

  4. So exciting - have a wonderful wonderful few weeks. xxx

  5. This is amazing...
    By now you will almost have finished your hour with Pip.. but I really hope it went well and that you are all bubbling =)

    The family shower sounds like an amazing idea and I love the idea of the wishes =)

  6. Don't worry, you'll be bored and so will Pip but he'll be happy just kicking/rolling/watching you/chewing stuff.
    And congratulations!

  7. Making your shower cake was an honour and I hope it showed you guys how much we love you! we are there ready to metaphorically speaking hold your hand throughout this process and beyond as you extend your little family. Although please don't change the blog name to "4 become 5" any time soon! ;-)

  8. What an exciting time! I hope today's meeting was everything you dreamed it would be :)


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