Night and Day.....

 Of course I didn't sleep well last night. I hoped to but there was that niggle in my mind about the baby monitor. What if it doesn't wake me up? The reality is he would just cry louder until someone came to him but logic does not prevail when anxiety comes to town.

The little fella didn't do that badly for a first night. He slept from about 6.45pm until 5.30am. Daddy and I heard him stir around 4am and didn't really sleep properly again after that. Katie was up by 6am. Tonight I will be braver and I won't be rushing in at 5.30am because I now know after the 3 hour "I need to catch up with some sleep" nap he had between 9.30am and 12.45pm that he does send himself back to sleep again.  I was so jealous of his nap today! I got a 15 minute power nap whilst watching "Casper" with Katie.

We're all feeling a bit delicate. Hardly surprising really. We're all exhausted. Daddy's had a cold all week which I've now inherited. Pip has suspiciously pink cheeks which suggests he either has a cold coming or some teeth are finally arriving. Katie is very emotionally delicate. I think she needs some serious normality for a while. She is brilliant with Pip. She plays with him; had a bath with him and even fed him his afternoon bottle. She then loses the ability to hold it all together and melts down into an irrational heap. It's to be expected after such a long process but when she's screaming at the top of her voice in a right old tizzy because she's bumped a foot in the middle of Pip's bedtime bottle it is difficult to handle. Thankfully Daddy was on hand to tag team me. She doesn't want Daddy though. She wants me. She hasn't twigged that Daddy is softer than I am! Silly girl!

We're all still a bit surprised Pip is still here and someone hasn't come to collect him yet. It's quite surreal. Katie can't believe it. He's so easy to look after. He take everything in his stride. It's a shock to the system having to watch him all the time but he's very absorbing. 

Leo came home from the vets minus the fur on his back left leg and an undignified blue collar and a bandaged blue leg to hold his pain meds in place. He's going to spend a week on very restricted movement before we give him lots of physiotherapy in a week's time. He had a femoral head and neck excision which basically means the bone on his hip has been cut away after he fractured it. A complete hip replacement would have seen him caged for 8 weeks which we couldn't do to His Gorgeousness but the vet is confident he will make a full recovery. He looks very woebegone today and I want to make sure I care for him properly, but the timing isn't the best. I will be doing my best with a lot of things this week but suspect I might need to be forgiving of my standards.

I'm going to go back to my usual weekly blog now I think. I wanted to log every minute of our introductions but now I need to focus on getting our life back into some routine. I need to start going to bed to sleep and not to write. I'd like to reply to some of the messages here and on Twitter. I'm going to shift this cold and work out what needs doing and give my brain a rest for a few days. There's a lot to process about the changes in our life and learning about my little son and I need to learn to split myself in two... 

I might need to consult an old magician friend for the latter bit.....


  1. The deluge of posts has been wonderful - thank you for sharing them. Enjoy your new family and I hope your cold leaves you soon :)

  2. I was thinking about you and your new life all of yesterday. Having spent time with child minder children I "get" the having to watch them *all* the time part. The child minder said with her own children she could leave them for a bit knowing they would be safe playing, going to the toilet etc but when it is other people's children you are minding it is totally different and when I have been there for only 3 or 4 hours I feel like its been a 12 hour day! Lovely but very very very hard work. Hopefully you will get a bit of space between Pip's nap times and Katie's out of the house times. Big hugs to you xxx

  3. I'll take the weekly blog. Looking forward to hearing all about it.


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