First Day Out

 The sun shone gloriously for our first family outing with Pip. The buggy was packed in the boot ready for its first outing. My new changing bag was filled with all the baby paraphernalia I could think of, including my first ever bottle! If we had anything missing it was because I didn't know I was supposed to have it. The car seat was fitted and I had my little mirror ready to go so I could see him in the back. We were all looking slightly droopy eyed after an interrupted night because Katie had a bedtime accident during the night, plus this whole process is quite simply exhausting! A SW told me once that they wait until you are totally wiped out and then they let you take your child home - this is running very true to that statement!

I was quite nervous but excited. Our first day out! How would it go?  Katie and Daddy were excited to be seeing Pip. When we arrived at the FCs house we didn't have much time to chat because she was taking one of the other children to a birthday party so off we marched with the little man to put him in his car seat, not forgetting to take a few extra toys and his dummy (he screams blue murder after a bottle ends!). 

We had decided to visit a nearby farm, a favourite haunt of ours, so we felt comfortable and familiar with our surroundings. Katie did a fantastic job of entertaining Pip in the car. We arrived just around lunchtime and I proudly put Pip into his new buggy. Finally it had a real baby sitting inside! I even remembered how to put it together and collapse it again!  

We decided to stop off in the little cafe for some lunch before going into the farm. I sat Pip in the high chair; wiped down the table; and gave him some snacks to play with. He sat there grinning at us all, munching on the odd bit of grape or sandwich and dropping the rest on the floor. It was lovely. So relaxed. I don't think it was obvious that I was on tenterhooks. Little man seemed very relaxed and I started to breathe.

After a quick nappy change, we headed off onto the farm. Katie did most of the buggy pushing although Daddy and I stole it back as often as we could. It's so light to push around. Such a good choice. Little man fell asleep quite quickly as he had missed his morning nap so I had the chance to try out my new blackout cover for the pushchair.

 Pip only slept for about 45 minutes and had to suffer us all checking if he was still asleep every 5 minutes. Katie was a right old mother hen! Whilst he slept we ambled around the farm. Katie and I checked out the farm house and we fed the chickens. I taught Katie how to hand feed the chickens without losing a finger. It took her a few false starts where nerves got the better of her but she finally mastered it.

 Pip woke up and enjoyed seeing the goats and big Shire horses. They were gorgeous!

At 2pm whilst Daddy and Katie played in the little play park I snuck back over to the cafe to nab some hot water for Pip's bottle. Daddy and Katie arrived just as I was finishing up mixing the bottle and everyone watched as I fed the little man. Katie is desperate to feed him but I have had to hold her off for the moment. 

Bottle and burp completed it was time to head back to the FCs house. I said to Daddy en-route that I felt so much more confident today and could happily have pointed the car in the direction of our house and taken Pip back to ours to stay. I'm ready for him to come home now. I just needed a day out, away from all the artificial stuff. We needed that to bond but now I think we're ready to take this to the next level and move in together!

We got stuck in roadworks which gave us more time with Pip. This would have been much improved if he had not filled his boots midway through the journey. Pooeee! Stinky Pete! I had my long awaited baptism of fire when we arrived back at the FCs. Thankfully he had kept it localised in his nappy. Nappy completed it was time for a quick play and the to head home to prepare for Pip's visit to us tomorrow.

It was very hard to leave. Katie was sad and a right royal pickle up until bedtime. She's showing a lot of regressive behaviour but all in all she has been amazing. I heard her whisper to Pip that she loved him before we left. It's not easy at home at the moment. Katie is hard work at the moment and is having some pretty major meltdowns but I think we'll come though it OK.


  1. :) - that's me grinning for you.

  2. I have been reading your blog for a while, and wish you all the best in becoming a family of four. I admire the way that you have coped with what must be an incredibly frustrating and bureaucratic process. Just to let you know that I think you have used Pip's real name towards the end.

    1. Thanks Fiona. I was writing last night whilst falling asleep and I woke up this morning and had a fear that I might have done just that. All sorted and thanks for your observation xxx

    2. I noticed that too. Only a couple more days and you can use it right?


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