I'm the Big Sister!

Last night before I went to bed I crept into Katie's rom and left a gift bag on the bottom of her bed. At 6.50am this morning a very excited Katie ran I to our bedroom asking if she could open it. She ripped open the envelope and I helped her read what the card said........

She then gave an excited squeal as she pulled out the contents of the gift bag.....

 "Wow!" She said "Is this one for my brother as well? I love it!"

Only 4 hours to go until she meets Pip. She can't wait to wear her T-shirt and to give Pip his.

I can't wait until she sees the present that Pip has for her......



  1. Fab - Im sure she will absolutely adopre her baby brother - Enjoy your day and dont forget your pics of the first time she meets him, obviously for your keepsakes!!!

    Enjoy - looking forward to my next installment!!! Nic

  2. I can't wait to hear about the present that Pip gives Katie. Be thinking of you all today and hoping it goes well x


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