Big School!

Feeling relieved and delighted today as we heard that Katie has been given a place at the school we all wanted her to go to.  It is our catchment school but I'm now hearing of children in our area not getting into their catchment schools so we are doubly pleased (although when did my little girl get big enough for Big School?). 

From 2013 there is a change in legislation in England which will give adopted children the same status in education as looked after children (Adoption UK Statement). This means that they will be given priority places in education.  This is great news because adopted children don't change miraculously overnight on the day their adoption is approved and shake off all their past and any residual issues and anxieties and behavioural difficulties.  Those issues are often still very prevalent, and may take a long time to resolve.  This change in legislation means that our children can access the education that is best for them to enable them to grow and develop and support the love and care and work that their adoptive parents are able to offer them. It also means that they can remain with their friends and people that they are familiar with, thus ensuring continuity during their school and social lives.  We feel that this is vital for long term stability and growth.

I recently mentioned this issue to a friend of a friend who was horrified that Katie and other adopted children would have priority in education over her child.  She didn't think it was fair!  My reply was that it wasn't fair that Katie had been put in a situation where she needed to be adopted in the first place and that she deserved every opportunity available to help her succeed in life.  I don't think it's fair that any child is denied access to a high level of care and opportunity to succeed in their lives.  This change at least recognises a marginalised group of children who may need additional support throughout their educational lives.

So we are very happy here today, despite the fact that I dropped (and smashed) my lovely HTC Legend mobile phone whilst walking in the rain to school and reading the email informing us of Katie's school place.  Multi-tasking isn't necessarily a good thing I suspect! Do they teach that at big school? 

.......Hmmm thought not!


  1. Great that Katie got into your desired school. I was very grateful when Mini got into ours.

    I think it's great that adopted children will soon get priority places. Anything that helps them, reassures them, makes them feel safe is a good thing, a great thing! It will (hopefully) help ensure that our children move forward despite their traumatic starts in life.

    Sorry about your phone by the way...fixable?

  2. Thanks Stix! No the phone isn't fixable. Contract runs out soon and am switching networks for the first time since 1994 so will have to use an old one until I can switch! No email etc though! :(

  3. Excellent news about the school.....not so much about the phone :-)

  4. Great news about the change in legislation - long overdue. Congrats in getting in at the school (I suspect they'd have had a fight on their hands had they said no though!) Bad news re phone...!

  5. Kat - you're probably right. I would have given them a fight but it's our catchment school and we live really close so I'd have been surprised if we didn't get in. Of course I mentioned the "A" word in the application and about the change in legislation next year ;) LOL

  6. To your friend who was against the new legislation you could say that it's not giving adopted children an advantage but rather it's helping to level the playing-field for them. Good luck for big school!

  7. You are very correct indeed Midlife and I thank you for your comments. I guess most parents want the best for their children but not all people understand the complexities of adoption and why this legislation is so important. I think many people think that when children are adopted that is an end to all their troubles. The amount of people who have told me that Katie is lucky is amazing. I have said on occasion "Why is she lucky exactly?" Yes we are lucky to have each other now but that doesn't necessarily take away any pain and heartache she may feel when she is older. I hope that more education around adoption will filter into the system so that more people can grasp some of the complexities that adoption and adopted children and their families - both adoptive and biological have to face/experience. Gem x


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