What Katie Said Last Night!

I went up to check on my darling little pickle last night because she didn't appear to be settling.  She was snuggled up in bed face down and I thought I was mistaken and she was asleep.  She suddenly looked up at me and said "Mummy something is very very wrong!"  I almost laughed out loud at the expression but had to be sensible Mummy and ask her what was wrong. "My jewellery is moving around all by itself" says Katie.  "That's strange" say I thinking maybe its our resident ghost moving stuff around again and wondering how on earth to deal with the situation. "Yes" says Katie "I put it under my pillow and it keeps moving!"   I had to chuckle.  No ghost, just a cheeky little monkey putting all her jewellery under her pillow and wondering why it was moving about as she was fidgetting!

Gotta love her.  I really do!


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