Play It Again Sam.....

This is our family song.  We played this incessantly in the car before we met Katie and now we all sing along together.  Katie often asks to have this in the car......

This is the song that I dedicate to Katie. Adele says it so well.....

This song is from Katie's current favourite film Disneys "Tarzan". When I heard it I knew this song would be added to my dedications to Katie:

This song by "Everything But The Girl" is a song that I listened to many times during our battle with infertility and miscarriage.  "Apron Strings" sums up my feelings at the time.......

This beautiful song by Katherine Nelson called "What's Mine Is Yours" is about miscarriage, infertility and adoption.  You might need a hanky when listening......


This lovely song by Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift was the song we dedicated to Pip during our Introductions Week.  We played it as we were going up and down the motorway and sums up our feelings wonderfully.


  1. I think it's lovely to have special songs as a family. We don't have a 'family song', but we each have our own songs and others that are important to us. One I can't even listen to anymore as it's too emotional these days...

    Music is such an important part of our my case professionally as well as personally. I don't know how people survive without music!

  2. Ooh will have to chat with you about your profession! Music has always been a big part of my life and I spent many years singing (til problems hit my voice too hard). I find so much comfort in music and words are very important to me. I have lots of special songs. It's lovely to hear that others feel the same xx

  3. We used Happy Adoption Day by John McCutcheon. It also comes with a book and our toddler loves it!

    1. Thanks for that. Will check it out and order it ready for the big day. Gem x


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