Wet with Dry Spells

Today's post mirrors the weather in the UK pretty well.  In fact I doubt we could have chosen a more metaphorical time to combat Katie's night-time wetting.  It is raining non-stop here at the moment!

Last night was our first night trying the Wet-Stop 3 alarm system.  Katie was very excited at bedtime.  Beside herself almost.  So excited in fact that she decided to try and make the alarm go off as much as possible by making it a bit wet (she admitted this morning that she was spitting on it!). What can I say? My daughter is gifted and talented!

Katie initially seemed to think that the aim was for the alarm to go off as much as possible but I explained to her was the ultimate aim was to get through the night without the alarm going off.  Excitement subsided Katie went off to sleep very nicely.  I snuck off to tap-dancing leaving Daddy holding the fort.  No accidents on my return.  Katie made it through to mid-night (just as I was doing a meditation CD) when the alarm went off.  It made the whole house jump.  Quite a rude awakening for my meditative brain!  Sadly it was too late to avert an accident (although that doesn't worry me) but more sadly was that it scared Katie so much that she was in tears.  Poor little mite.  On the plus side, it definitely woke her up!!

We cleaned her back up, did a wee on the toilet (several wees in fact) and then I turned the alarm on to vibrate only so that Katie wasn't so worried.  After lots of reassurance that it wouldn't scare her again she went back to sleep pretty quickly where she stayed for the rest of the night until 7:30am this morning.......completely dry!  We gave her a silver star on the chart that comes with the alarm to boost her confidence.  She is feeling very proud and motivated this morning.

I am having the dilemma now as to whether I lift her at bedtime or leave her for the alarm to wake her up if it senses the wee. I suspect we stick to the latter otherwise it will undermine the alarm system.  

Let's see what tonight brings.......I'm hoping that the weather in the UK will dry up alongside my beautiful daughter.


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