My week in tweets!

A challenge was issued today by Britmums to write a blog called

My Week In Tweets

I've had a sporadic week on Twitter.  Some days more twittery than others. Here is my week:


On getting an appointment with my GP:

Getting through to the GP on a Monday morning is worse than trying to phone for tickets to see a boyband!

On the weather:
Are we having a late winter or an early one in the UK?
Can't quite work it out!

On my chocolate addiction:

I was so desperate that I ate the egg from a Creme Egg easter egg. :-p LOL


On celebrating the end of the Easter holidays!:

I like the idea of the peace!! Have offered to help out at pre-school tomorrow for an outing! Am I mad or what? xx

On things I have achieved this week:

 I ate over half a box of gluten-free chocolate fingers whilst watching Tru Blood. 
Does that mean I've achieved more? ;)

On things that seemed like a good idea at the time instead of celebrating the end of the Easter Holidays:

 I very stupidly offered to help out at pre-school this morning so my dance will have to wait until tomorrow!! Enjoy!!! :-)

We went to visit a local pensioners home as they judged an Easter picture comp for the children. Very sweet x

On the things that children repeat:

*giggles* K was reading at GPs today; making up story "That behaviour is unacceptable" she cried. Lots of tittering in GPs! 
Indeed! I've had to rethink some of my parenting lines after hearing them repeated back at me!! LOL

No time for chatting today:

Just popping in for quick hello to all!! Busy day today - soft play followed by an evening with my Reiki circle. Will check in tomorrow!

(busy Twittery day!)

On smashing the screen of my phone by dropping it in the rain after 
finding out which infant school Katie was going to 
(am gutted as my contract doesn't run out til Sept!):

The screen is really smashed. *sigh* Will pop to the shop this afty and see what they say. Will dig out an old mobile I guess.

  Have sellotaped it together and am hoping for the best!! LOL xx

On housework and spring cleaning:

Well done!! The alleged spring is having a positive effect on us all....or is it just the rain? x

On Stephen Fry's Monumental Confession (IMO):

Just to be clear, I can't read an excerpt from the Hitch's Ĺ“uvre that's much more than 5 minutes. So "Hitch 22" not v helpful!!! :) xxx 
And there was me thinking that there was nothing that you 
couldn't do. I need to rethink life the universe and everything now!

On Evita:

Am I the only person ever not to have realised that Don't Cry For Me Argentina is the same time as Oh What A Circus? 

To be fair, David Essex might have have made you never want to listen to that song again so you can be forgiven!! LOL

On city transport:

Why exactly would you need a Hummer to navigate the rough terrain of Notting Hill?  
Those speed humps near the schools play havoc with the 4x4 suspension!! Next step in the school run?


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