What Katie Said......

At the moment Katie just seems really happy and jolly and full of love.  It is a delight to see because we've been a little worried about her anxiety that I will die.  We know that children do start to become aware of death and Katie has known one of my friends who died and also one of our puss cats.  Recently she has been asking tons of questions about heaven and what it's like to die so we've been discussing this (to the best of our ability) and have bought some childrens books to help her understand it all a bit more.

This morning however, a very happy Easter Katie, was taking her nappy off and feeling very excited because the Easter Bunny had left her an Easter Egg hunt.  

This is what she said.....

"Mummy and Daddy, I couldn't wait for you to adopt me.  I was waiting and waiting and crying for you and then you adopted me.  I love you and Daddy soooo much"

Who needs chocolate with a statement like that eh?

My cup runneth over today..........


  1. bless her. what a sweet heart. x

  2. Lovely to hear that and you sound so happy with your lot in life. I was explaining adoption to my son and he said "So basically they hold you up in court and say does anybody volunteer to look after this child?" It made me giggle but actually shows a fairly good understanding for one so young.
    Well done on volunteering. As an adopted person, I know it makes a big difference.


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