Unexpectedly Dry!

Well, what a turn up for the books! Katie was totally and completely dry last night!  I lifted her around 10:30pm when I headed off to the land of nod and then she went through the rest of the night!!


One gold star awarded on the star chart to 

a very 


and happy 

and proud of herself 

young lady!

 She's now decided that she likes the monitor so hopefully tonight she'll also go off to bed nicely (instead of spitting on it to make it go off again!!!).  I'm half wondering if the fear if the alarm waking her up again was what encouraged her bladder to keep the wee wee in!

Fingers crossed that this dry spell wasn't simply a one-time work of magic!


  1. Yay!

    She's so adorable, spitting on the monitor to make it go off. :)


  2. LOL!! Adorable wasn't the word I used funnily enough!!! ;) She is very clever though. I'll give her that. Incredibly bright and switched on. Particularly when there is mayhem and mischief to be created!! We don't call her Tinkerbell for nothing!! ;)


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