What Katie Said....

I've decided to keep a running blog post with little comments that Katie says. Partly I want to remember them in years to come and I forget things so easily but also some of them are so funny I think it's worth sharing them:


On Being Adopted:

This morning however, a very happy Easter Katie, was taking her nappy off and feeling very excited because the Easter Bunny had left her an Easter Egg hunt.  
This is what she said.....
"Mummy and Daddy, I couldn't wait for you to adopt me.  I was waiting and waiting and crying for you and then you adopted me.  I love you and Daddy soooo much"

Who needs chocolate with a statement like that eh?



On why she couldn't sleep:

I went up to check on my darling little pickle last night because she didn't appear to be settling.  She was snuggled up in bed face down and I thought I was mistaken and she was asleep.  She suddenly looked up at me and said "Mummy something is very very wrong!"  I almost laughed out loud at the expression but had to be sensible Mummy and ask her what was wrong. "My jewellery is moving around all by itself" says Katie.  "That's strange" say I thinking maybe its our resident ghost moving stuff around again and wondering how on earth to deal with the situation. "Yes" says Katie "I put it under my pillow and it keeps moving!" 

I had to chuckle.  No ghost, just a cheeky little monkey putting all her jewellery under her pillow and wondering why it was moving about as she was fidgetting!


On the subject of Katie's new Wet-Stop monitor:

Katie: "Mummy I think we should buy one of these for my sister when it's her time to stop wearing nappies at night."
Me: "Well we could just keep this one for her couldn't we?"
Katie: "No Mummy, this one will be rusty by then"



On the subject of her first dry night:

Katie: Mummy I like my monitor now!! (this was a welcome statement after two nights of hystrionics over wearing it!)



On the Aftershave she bought Daddy for Christmas
(and he's only just started wearing today)

Katie: Oooooh Daddy that's disgusting!!!



On wiping her own bottom for the 
 first time after doing a Poo

Katie: I'm like a human now that I can wipe my own bottom!



On the prospect of being offered a sticker 
for good listening this morning

Katie: What's listening?


On the subject of her children 
Molly (aged 15 months) and Jack (aged 14 months)

Katie (complete with hand gestures): ......We all went on the train, and I was like, Oh my lord......

On Daddy going to a Conference

"Daddy make sure you go to the toilet but if you wet yourself go to the toilet and get changed"


On drawing a picture for Daddy

Katie: "I'm doing Daddy a bannister"
Me: "Really? That's a lovely picture but what do you mean by bannister? A bannister is something you hold onto when you climb up the stairs."
Katie: "Ummm like a Christmas picture Mummy."
Me: "Do you mean like a Valentine Katie?"
Katie: "Oh yes Mummy, a Valentine!"

Glad we got that sorted out then......

On not spending some time 
watching Bolt with me

Mummy (sitting down to watch the beginning of the film when Bolt is a puppy): "Oh I love this bit"
Katie: "Mummy can you leave me alone to have some privacy. You've had me all day and now I need some quiet time. Go and see Daddy in the kitchen. He's prettier than me"  

*she then gives me a cheeky smile*


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