Yesterday was a really busy day for me.  We weren't due to visit Katie until 5pm so we could have dinner with her and Grandma and Grandad and then put her to bed.  I had the gas engineers at home all day putting in a new flue and supposedly fixing my hot water, which is currently going hot and cold preventing me using the shower.  You will notice my use of the word "supposedly" because I realised once they had left that the shower is still going painfully hot to freezing cold.  I will have to get them back again - how much is that going to cost I wonder?

I managed to dismantle the cot we were given for Katie and put up the cot bed which is more similar to the one she is currently using.  I've also cleaned the trampoline after the winter, ready for playing.  I'm not feeling 100% having caught Katie's cold so I'm hoping that doesn't slow me down too much.  This is the 4th illness I've had since December.  I'm never usually unwell so this has been a tough winter.

We went to Katie's for 5pm.  Katie's face lit up when she saw us and said "It's Mummy and Daddy!"  We played for a while and read her new story book that I had taken along "That's not my Dolly".  She loves the book.  We then did bath time.  She loves the water so it was a real joy.  We washed her hair.  Interestingly she suddenly asked to come out and had suddenly gone from being warm to being really cold so we wrapped her up in a towel and dried her really quickly and dressed her in her bedtime clothes.  She is so cute - she sleeps in a vest plus PJs and a fluffy sleepsuit on top.  After hair combing, which Grandma said I did much more gently than she did we were all ready for our fish and chips.  This was a real treat for me because their local chippy goes gluten free fish and chips.  It was the first time in over 2 years I've had anything from a chippy.  Katie ate some of her fish and chips and a bit of sausage.  She stayed in her booster chair with us for ages and we were playing with a paper aeroplane that I made for a long time.  Katie absolutely loved that game and squealed "Again again" with excitement.  We then read our story books again with Katie repeating with me "That's not my Dolly".  At bedtime she was a bit tearful and didn't want to go.  Grandma came up with us so as not to distress her but Katie is basically a happy child and the tears soon stopped and she kissed us goodnight and laid down for sleeps.

We stayed for another hour chatting to Grandma and Grandad about Katie, trying to understand things that she likes to eat.  We will be going back today to take her out for a few hours without Grandma and are going to the local play park which should be great fun.


  1. OK, no gushing or soppy-ness from me today!!! All I will say is "haven't you had great weather for this all week????"! Every day I open the blinds and see blue skies and sunshine. Admittedly, its flippin freezing but what amazing sunshine!!! A few more clouds in the sky today but it feels a tad warmer for your big day out - I hope you have another great day, Gem!!! xXx


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