Luverly Jubberly!!

One of the things I love most about being a parent is the funny things that Katie does each day.  Every day she uses a new word or phrase and does something that makes me laugh.  Today she is saying "Luverly Jubberly".  She got this from me.  I said it in the bath this morning and she has been repeating it ever since.  It's so cute and hilarious to hear her saying it.  She also love blowing bubbles.  She will blow them for hours! We were in the garden for 2 hours yesterday blowing bubbles.  We ended up doing it in shifts so that I could get some housework done. One of the sweetest things she says is "we do it a-gether".  This obviously means "together"  It's so sweet.  She looks at me with these beautiful eyes and smiles at me.  She often says it about having a bath or blowing bubbles and it's clear she means that it is me and her together.

We are fast becoming partners in crime.  This brings wonderful things and also means that any temper tantrums are directed my way.  I am delighted that she feels comfortable enough with me to just be herself.  She is a total joy to take out.  We have been shopping today in the main town and she held onto the pushchair when she walked and behaved beautifully.  She was rewarded with a drive on the pink bus near the pay ticket.  Yes, I hear all those parents now cry, I am setting myself up to have to let her ride every time.  We also reward with lots of huggles and it is lovely to see her enjoying herself so much.  She is a very sociable young lady and loves to wave at everyone and say hello.  It's so sweet and seems to brighten people up wherever we go.  Funnily enough I used to do the same thing when I was the same age.  She sings to herself all the time as well.  I also used to do the same thing and used to sing to people on the bus.  How embarrassing for my parents!! LOL  It doesn't bother me.  I think she is lovely!

It's not all been plain sailing so far.  Katie is a toddler so the bets are always off as to how she might react.  Like most toddlers she likes her own way about things and sometimes we disagree on whose way it will be done.  I said before we brought her home that I pitied her having a Taurean for a mum!  I can out-stubborn any toddler.  Obviously I am picking my battles though.  She is still getting over seeing Grandma and has so many changes going on that giving her a bit of latitude, without letting her get away with too much, seems to be working quite well.  Yesterday she spontaneously came and kissed my arm.  She said to me as she was doing it "I give mummy a kiss".  It was the first time she had voluntarily come and kissed me.  What a wonderful moment.  I gave her a huge beaming smile and a big Thank You!!!

My little pip-squeak is supposed to be having her lunchtime nap at the moment and is hurling her toys out of the cot in play.  Time to intervene I think.......


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