I'm a bit late in writing today so you can guess that it's been a very busy day!  Katie stayed overnight last night and we've just put her to bed for our second night!  It's been busy and wonderful all rolled into one.

Katie was very happy to come to her new house yesterday and we brought a bag of vests etc but Grandma said Katie would like to wear some of the clothes that were in her wardrobe at her new house.  She waved bye bye to Grandma and was ready to go in her car seat.  We had lots of fun in the car on the drive down.  We have now established several new games that Katie plays with Mummy and Daddy. I am sure I will regret some of these games soon but for now they are fab.  We play "Mummy go sleep" so that Katie can wake me up.  Katie's other favourite game is "Mummy go sad" where Mummy has to pout and cry.  Mummy then does "Mummy happy".  Katie likes reading her Night Garden book in the car and also likes to play with her musical phone.

Katie was still a bit under the weather yesterday and Grandma had had several really bad nappies.  She's obviously run out for a while now because we've not had one dirty nappy today - just several wet ones.  She has been eating for England today though so I suspect it will  be all systems go tomorrow!  Enough talk of nappies, I promised I wouldn't be one of those mums who talked about nappies!!

My sister and nephew came over for tea last night and met Katie for the first time.  Katie loved them both.  My nephew is 5 years old and played quite nicely with Katie.  They bounced well on the trampoline and Katie played like a boy so my nephew was delighted.  Katie had lots of presents and loved her Upsy Daisy wooden toy that collapses when you press the button.

Last night at bedtime we had a bath and played with Katie's toys.  Katie went to bed after her bath without a protest at 7:00pm and slept until 8am this morning.  Mummy didn't sleep very well.  Every time Katie coughed in her sleep I woke up ready for a cry.  Bless her she slept on though and I was up and bathed before she woke up this morning!

Breakfast was a bit of a non-event.  Katie asked for Shreddies but didn't eat them.  She had a yoghurt instead and we then got dressed and managed to make it out of the house by 9:30am to go shopping for some new trainers.  Katie wore her new Upsy Daisy dress which was a present.  Katie had her feet measured and chose a pretty pink pair of trainers with flashing candles on them from Clarks.  She was so good for the lady in the shop and sat on her chair and put her feet out for them to be measured.  She is a 6F on her right leg and a 6.5F on her left.  She is pleased with her new trainers.  Mummy got a bit teary eyed when she bought Katie's first pair of shoes.  We then did a bit of general shopping and bought a birthday present for a certain young man's birthday on Sunday.  We went to Tesco and Katie helped me choose some things for her dinners.  We I was hoping she might actually eat them if we did this.  We also bought a little Iggle Piggle to keep Upsy Daisy company.  After shopping we went to our park and played on Katie's favourite swings.  She made friends with a little girl who was 18 months old.  She loves children.  I think we will need to make sure she sees lots of other children to play with.  We had our first main disagreement on the way back from the park when Katie wanted to play for longer in the car with her dollies in the car seat but Mummy decided after 10 minutes that it was time to go home.  We had some tears but they didn't last long and Mummy got Katie in the car seat and cheered her up again.

We went home for lunch and I did half a tin of Tom and Jerry pasta with sausages (Katie loves spagetti with sausages so I told her it was spagetti!! - naughty Mummy!).  She ate with real gusto and then asked for more so I had to cook the rest of the tin for her. She also ate some breadsticks which Mummy told her were crisps.  Oh how the lying works eh? LOL  She was covered in tomato sauce by the end of lunch but very happy.

She had a long nap today.  I decided to leave her a bit longer because she is just exhausted.  She was bright and ready after 2 hours and Daddy was home from work by then so we went to feed the ducks down the road at the pond.  It was a lovely walk and Katie's legs needed a rest in her pushchair.  We played for a while whilst Daddy cooked some dinner.  Katie had fishfingers and some smiley faces and a few more breadsticks followed by 2 yoghurts!!  Goodness!  We then had a bath and a play and then Katie had some milk and some grapes (and another 2 breadsticks) before Mummy called time and said it was bedtime.  She happily went to bed for her nunga nunga (dummies) at 7pm and is now sound asleep.

Tomorrow we have our review meeting at Grandma's house.  Katie has asked a few times where Grandma is and I've said that we will see her tomorrow.  She was happy with that.


  1. Hey Gem!

    It sounds like everything is going wonderfully. She really sounds like a little angel. I hope your social worker isn't too put out by anything. If you and gramma both agree, well, do you have that option to make plans, or is there a set plan that must be followed at all times?

    As far as her nap times, I have to compare *oh us mommies do talk about some strange things...but I"ll skip over the nappies for now!;o)* Spencer was down to maybe one and one half hour by that age, but Tanner slept for 3 hours daily! When he was sick, even more. And he still had no trouble sleeping at night. Once she's in your home, you'll know better when she needs a good long sleep. One of the times T would really go for it was when he was in the middle of a growth spurt. He'd fall asleep whereever he happened to be!!

    Oh...I have a friend stopping in, must run. FYI...I tried to "watch" this thread and it won't let me. I just added you to my favs so I can pull you up when I want!!

    Gem, I glow just thinking about you. Dave is thrilled too, and sends hugs. I keep talking about you and progress with your little blondie.


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