Shopping again and meeting new friends...

We are packing a lot into our days at the moment and little miss is tired.  She's still under the weather so I don't want to wear her out.  There are so many people for her to meet and she is being very sociable.

Well we went off to Mothercare yesterday and bought some clothes that finally fit.  She is sporting some extremely cute dungerees today.  She also came home with some bubbles to blow and a dolly car seat for Babba.  Daddy is dreading our shopping trips and the hit on the credit card!!  I indulged her by letting her walk into Mothercare.  It won't be something we'll do very often because she was like a kid in a sweet shop and we did buy some extra things because Mummy couldn't say no!!

Katie was delighted that her cousin came over for tea again yesterday and we bought him some bubbles to blow as well.  They both played in the garden together which was very sweet and ate all their dinner up together!

Katie had an early night (I'm so going to have to start doing the same) because she was so tired.  She had a lovely bath and did her first wee wee in the big toilet afterwards.  I was very proud.  She climbed into her cot at 7pm desperate to get to bed and get her nungies. She isn't sleeping as late at our house as she did at Grandma's  We're not yet sure why that is but I have noticed she will play in her cot for quite a long time without calling out.  We let her play there for about 30 minutes this morning before going in to say hello. It's so sweet listening to her chat to herself.

Aunty came over for a walk with her dog this morning.  Sam is a little Lasa Apso and is just fab.  Katie adores her Aunty and she loved walking the dog ("my doggy" she said).  She held the lead tightly all the way there and back and tried to chase Sam in the park before going on her favourite swings.  She met a new friend for lunch today when one of my friends came over with her 2 year old son, Finley.  Katie was a bit shy at first but they were soon playing together really well and enjoyed their dinners followed by chocolate buttons.  I had been warned about Katie eating chocolate and the fact that she would wear it instead of eating it but she ate it really well.  No mess at all!  We've decided that Katie and Finley will get married one day!

Katie's tummy is still pretty upset.  It might be the same bug that Grandma currently has so I'm hoping that passes soon.  It might also be all the change in her life at the moment.  She is smiling and chatty and happy but you do wonder what she is thinking and feeling and making of everything.  Oh I wish I could crawl into her head and see what's going on so that I know what to do to make everything ok for her.

I'm now off to do the ironing and am fondly remembering what a sit down was.  It's great though.  Wouldn't change it for the world.


  1. We better start saving Gem !
    P.s It is tradition that the bride's parents pay Lol xx


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