Our first day at home.....

Today has been manic.  It started with me frantically cleaning ready for Katie's first visit to our house.  The house hasn't been this tidy for ages, and won't be again for many years I suspect!!  I'm now totally exhausted.  It hasn't helped that I have been poorly and have now lost my voice again.  The coughing is tiring me out.  I'm off to make some homemade cough medicine in a moment which helped cure my last bought of laryngitis a few weeks ago.

Katie; Grandma and Grandad arrived at around mid-day today.  Grandma and Grandad stayed for a cup of coffee, whilst Katie bombed around the house looking at everything, and then they headed off for lunch at a local pub.  Katie remembered lots about the house from her intro book and was so excited to see her playroom and bedroom.  She was looking for Upsy Daisy.  Of course we have taken Upsy to Katie's house so didn't have her here.

Katie didn't know what to look at or play with first.  She was beside herself with excitement.  She barely registered that Grandma and Grandad had left but asked a few times about them whilst they were gone.  She went around the house naming everything "Katie's bed; Katie's playroom' Katie's bedroom" etc etc  She loved the play kitchen and we spent quite a while cooking dinner and making cups of tea with it.  We took a lovely picture of her wearing her Macha Pacha towel poncho for swimming and she is excited about us going swimming soon.  I can hardly wait myself!!  Her excitement was infectious.  She loved her new "bubba" which is a dolly I bought to go in her new pushchair.  Bless her, she has taken it back with her tonight because she didn't want to be parted from it.  She totally loved the musical Bear from Bear in the Big Blue House which has been living at our house for several years now.  I put some new batteries in him and he is turbo charged with his singing and dancing now.  Katie loved him!! I thought she might be scared but she wasn't at all.  She wasn't even nervous at being in our house.  She was confident and charging up and down the stairs to her bedroom.  The biggest surprise was one of our cats, Lindy, let Katie kiss and stroke her.  She's not really into children but was quite cool with Katie.  A friend suggested that Katie might be part of our smell now which might explain it.  I felt quite emotional watching Katie with Lindy.

We had a bounce on the trampoline before it started to rain.  She loves the trampoline so that was great fun.  Daddy cooked us all our lunch so Katie sat in her booster chair and had her sausages with smiley face potatoes and peas and carrots.  Daddy and I were very proud watching her eating her dinner.  Her first dinner in our house.  I know the novelty will wear off pretty quickly but I am going to savor it whilst it lasts.

It was interesting that Katie wasn't bothered by Grandma and Grandad coming back to pick her up today.  She was pleased to see them but she wanted to carry on playing so they stayed for another coffee and headed off around 4pm.  We agreed that we will pick her up tomorrow from their house and bring her back to us all day.  We will do the same on Sunday as well and then hopefully start our sleep overs.  Who knows, she may be home by Wednesday - will see what happens.

An early night for Mummy and Daddy tonight methinks!!!


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