Seeing our girl first thing in the morning.....

I love the fact that Katie is a real sleeper.  We arrived at around 8:30am this morning and she was still in bed and only just waking up.  We got her up today and did nappy and breakfast and dressing etc.  She seemed a little surprised to see us there this morning - which is understandable really, but coped really well and was happy to let me do her nappy.  We played with her in the garden and then took her and Grandma's other grandson out for a walk for about half an hour.  It was a bit cold to be out walking today and Katie still has a cold.  Her poor little eyes were streaming and her nose running.  She coped well and likes her stroller.  Mummy learned how fit she will get when pushing the stroller up a very steep hill!!!  She understood immediately that it was her stroller which was lovely - Mummy has had to practice lots to get it up and down though!!  She loved the fact that I wore my red necklace again today which I also wore in her special book.  She shows me the necklace in the picture so I am wearing it every day.  She is showing everyone her book and loves reading it, which is rather adorable.

When we got back from our chilly but sunny walk we went out for lunch with Grandma and Grandad and their 3 year old grandson and other foster child (who is 7 months old and a real sweetie).  We went to a cafe on the beach and had a really lovely lunch.  Katie was really good using her fork for her fishfingers but is a bit cheeky when she chews her food and then spits it out.  We will have fun with that one I think!  Katie was quite happy being with us but I think it's going to take a bit longer before she is happy to be with us without Grandma being near by.  We are going down later tomorrow to do tea-time and bedtime and will be having some gluten-free fish and chips from their local chippy.  I've not had chips from a chippy since I had to go gluten free 2 years ago so it will be a real treat for me!  On Thursday and Friday we are doing longer days and the plan will be to take Katie out in our car for longer periods.  We are a little anxious as to how this goes and whether she will cope being away from Grandma so I will report back later with the results of this.  We are so lucky that Grandma and Grandad are wonderful, nonetheless it is difficult being in someone elses home.  I feel a bit out of sorts and not really sure what to expect although they couldn't be more supportive.  I am sure it will get better and better as time goes by.


  1. I am *trying* to put myself in your shoes.....trying to imagine......and the only word I can come up with is "overwhelmed". (((HUGS))) I think I might be crying a bit/a lot (for no apparent reason). I might be laughing (hysterically?) occasionally too! I think I would feel tired, emotionally drained, a little "on edge" and very much 'over-observed' and in the spotlight......trying to be "oh-so-professional" but my HEART would be pounding with excitement and apprehension in equal measure!!! Soooo - remember to REST, REST, REST, you lovely woman - I am sure your house is already sorted out!!! xXx


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