We are family!

The good news today is that we have had our placement meeting and we are now officially Katie's prospective adopters!!  This means that we now share parental responsibility with the local authority and Katie's birth mother.  We will have weekly visits from Social Workers for the time being and have a Review Meeting scheduled for 7th April to see how it's all going.  Katie's Social Worker today said that Katie seems to have bonded so well with us.  We need to be careful how many people we introduce to her in a short space of time so we will respect that but also need to acknowledge that Katie is a very sociable little lady and needs children to play with.  We are finding that our digital picture frame is brilliant for introducing people to her.  I have loaded up pictures of the people she is going to meet and every time we go past the frame we see who's there.  She loves running up to see the pictures and often gets me to come and see.

Little Miss Pickle Pie is currently having a nap so I am now off for a sit down and a hot cup of tea!!! Yay!!


  1. Oh my goodness. Tears are simply streaming down my face. Gemma, you are a mommy to a beautiful little girl. She is home with you and you have a family. Prayers and dreams coming true.
    I could not be any happier for anyone in this world, as I am for you right this minute.


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