A song and a party...

I'm not sure if I have already mentioned about my special song.  I have been listening to Michael Buble's "Just Haven't Met You Yet" for the past few months.  The words have become very special and I listened to it in the car dreaming of the day I would meet the child that was going to become mine.  When Katie and I first went out in my car I put the song on the CD player and turned to her and told her what a special song it was and why.  I told her that I listened to it while I was dreaming about her.  I told her it was Mummy's song and now it was Katie and Mummy's song.  She listened and then started playing with her toy phone.  So off we drove and I was listening to the song and driving into town.  The song ended and went on to the next track.  A little voice peeped up from the back of the car "again Mummy".  I asked her if she meant the song and she said "Yes Mummy and Katie's song".  I put it on again. Every time the song ended she asked for it again.  Several days on we still haven't made it any further than that track.  Daddy was in the car yesterday and now it is Daddy; Mummy and Katie's song.  On the first day I had tears in my eyes whilst I was driving.  I listened to the words and realised how much they now meant to me and how much of a promise I was making to her for the rest of her life.

Life is settling down into some sort of normality now.  I am adapting to eating at different times to fit around Katie's routine and am losing a few more pounds as a result. That won't do me any harm.  I need to find some time to send out thank you cards to the people who have sent gifts and cards. I will get there soon I know.

Katie and I are going to try swimming this week.  I've never taken a small child swimming before so that will be interesting.  Grandma is finally well and will be visiting tomorrow with Grandad and bringing all Katie's clothes and toys.  We have weekly review meetings with the social workers so that adds to our week as well.  I want to try to have a quieter week and just potter about and try and get our lives on track.

Yesterday Katie met lots of new friends at a special friend's charity Easter Egg Hunt.  She had met the birthday boy in the morning and loved having birthday cake.  We decided not to join them for lunch to ensure Katie had a good sleep and could cope with everything in the afternoon.  When we arrived at the hall a balloon popped loudly and Katie became hysterical.  She hates balloons popping.  We went outside to calm her down again and I wondered whether we might have to leave.  She sorted herself out though and we went in and met our host.  She loved seeing all the children but seemed to feel better with just a few at a time so we popped outside every now and again so she felt safe.  She shouted bye bye to several new friends and we will see them all again soon.  Today we are going off to meet another friend who is the same age for the first time and she is really excited.  So excited in fact that she is struggling to have her afternoon nap.  I have just been in to get her to lie down again and go "nite nites".  She is finally quiet and has stopped chatting to her toys.  I suspect that now she'll sleep really deeply and I'll struggle to wake her up!


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