A day at home.....

Yesterday we picked Katie up from Grandma and Grandpa's and brought her home in our car for the first time.  We played a game of bounces and bubbles before leaving to ensure Katie was feeling relaxed.  Katie loves bouncing with Mummy on the trampoline.  "Again Mummy" are words I am getting very familiar with now.  It still feels so strange hearing her say "Mummy and Daddy".  Daddy said to me last night that he loves being a Daddy.  I can't believe how lucky we are to be parents to this wonderful little lady.  She is a joy.  She makes us laugh so much with the things she says.

Katie was much chattier in the car yesterday than the day before.  She waved bye bye to Grandma with barely backward glance today and we reassured her that we would see Grandma later.  We had a car full of things she wanted to bring with her so we chatted and played with Babba.  It's a long journey there and back daily for a toddler really.  It takes about 50 minutes from our house to Grandma's so she's getting tired poor love.  It was hard for me yesterday in that my laryngitis is back and my voice is very hoarse.  I was a bit worried that this might unnerve Katie but she's totally fine about it, not anxious at all.  She was excited about playing with her toys and couldn't wait to see Lindy and Sophie.

When we got to our house we played a bit more calmly.  The frenetic excitement of the previous day had calmed and Katie wanted to explore more slowly.  She was excited to look at all her clothes again and she wanted to try some of them on.  She loves her new Upsy Daisy denim dress and her little grey skirt with coordinating tights.  The big hit was her white towelling dressing gown which she wore for a while over her clothes.  It wasn't long before it was lunchtime.  Lunch wasn't such a big hit today but a) she has a cold and b) she is tired.  It's a lot to expect of a toddler to be honest.  She enjoyed a petit filous and then we read her new favourite book "In the night garden".  Mummy then decided it was nap time.  This was the first time we had put her down for a nap on our own.  Would she cry and get upset?  She said she didn't want to go "nite nites" but Mummy said she was a tired little girl and needed some sleeps before we went to the park.  She was happy to go in "her bed" and we had a kiss and a cuddle and some "I love you's" and Mummy walked away bravely.  We stood at the foot of the stairs listening for about 10-15 mins.  We could hear her chatting to herself for a while and then she put her musical bear from Grandma's on a few times.  Mummy didn't realise that Grandma doesn't put it in the cot but turns it on before leaving.  Note for tomorrow!  I think it was reassuring for her to play it though.  We heard her wimpering for a while which was so worrying but we stayed calm and waited and soon enough she was sound asleep!  Success!!  She slept for nearly an hour and a half before her cough woke her up.  Mummy and Daddy went up to say hello and she beamed at us.  Phew!! We were worried she might cry when she woke up in an unfamiliar house.  We got up and had a chance to the Bear Cha Cha Cha and then got our shoes on to go to the park.  Mummy and Katie needed to go to the shops first so we two plus Babba and a baby pushchair (I thought I would indulge her as I knew that Mummy would end up pushing it!) went to Boots.  We survived our first trip to a shop and then Daddy picked us up and took us all to the park.

Katie really loves the swings.  I think we will need to buy one for the garden.  She is a bit of a thrill seeker I think!  We had a long push on the swing until we felt her eyes were far too watery from the cold and then played on the climbing frame and slide before heading off to meet Grandma and Grandad at a pub about 3/4 of the way back to their house.  We stayed for a drink and a natter and Mummy braved another pooey nappy.  We chatted with Grandma and Grandad about how things were going and our plans for the next few days.  We agreed that it was important that Katie spends as much time as possible at our house now so as not to confuse her with mixed messages.  We will be picking her up tomorow morning for our first Mother's Day together and hopefully doing our first overnight on Monday!!


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