It feels like she's been here for ages....

I realised this morning, when I was counting on my fingers, that Katie has only been living here since Monday.  6 days.  It is only just over 2 weeks since we first met her.  It feels so much longer.  The days are blurring into each other now and I am finding it harder to find specific things to write for this blog, and I promised no nappy talk!  Life has changed beyond all recognition yet I am the least stressed I have been in years.  The only downside is that Daddy's work is causing him some difficulties and is needing to work a bit more than we planned to get the year end sorted out.  I can't say I'm overly happy about it because we have waited 15 years to become parents.  I don't think he is happy about it either but hopefully it won't last too much longer and we can get down to family life.  I am still getting used to a new routine and I think that will take some time.  It will take time to work out what Katie likes.  We are getting better with food and have been given some other ideas to try out with her.  One of the really interesting things has been the smell of her.  We were told to mirror the washing powder and fabric conditioner of Grandma. This was easy enough.  We already used the same washing powder and the same brand of conditioner - just a different scent.  Now we use the same smells and the idea was to help her settle down and have familiar smells.  For me, the same things has happened.  It's the Katie smell.  It's the smell that's bonded us. At the moment I can't imagine going back to my old conditioner.

Have been having a bit of a worry with Katie the past few days because she likes being spun around but both yesterday and today she has suddenly gone very red in the face and quite rigid and then seems very scared.  She comes for a "huggle" and a little cry and then it is all forgotten.  She doesn't lose consciousness so it doesn't feel like a fit of some kind.  I think I will need to speak to the doctor about it though just to reassure myself.  Hopefully it's just a little head rush making her feel really dizzy and she isn't old enough yet to know when it's coming.  She does like to throw her head back which is probably not helping. It scares her though and I am annoyed with myself for allowing her to spin too much at the indoor play park this morning. I have a thrill seeker for a daughter which for a cautious Taurean is hard to understand.  I bought her a cup which says "Little Miss Daredevil".  I have a feeling that we will need to find ways for her to channel this part of her character as time goes by.

On the upside, we had a lovely lie-in this morning because Katie didn't wake up until 8:30am.  Bliss!!  She is currently supposedly down for her afternoon nap but was singing to herself for an hour.  I was told that she does this every so often so haven't been to get her up.  She was singing "Happy Birthday" to herself just a moment ago although all seems quiet now.  She is very excited because it is a friend's son's birthday tomorrow. He will be 9 years old and we are seeing him for a birthday lunch followed by an Easter Egg hunt.  She is desperate for birthday cake so I have organised that I will have a cake for after lunch tomorrow so we can blow out the candles and she can have her birthday cake.

I am getting pretty good at understanding Katie's speech now but she did throw me for about 2 days with a word that I just couldn't get.  It sounded like "fleecies".  We have sat down and I've been trying to work out what the word was.  It's been funny, I keep showing her things and asking if that is "fleecies" and she says no. I asked for a little divine intervention to help me work it out and the answer came yesterday afternoon.  It is "sweeties".  Katie opened my bag and pulled out a packet of Lockets and said "fleecies".  Aaaaah - the penny finally dropped.  She is used to being given sweets with Grandma but I'm not so keen on lots of sugary sweets because of her teeth.  I don't mind chocolate but not lots of sweets that she will keep in her mouth for a long time.  We've decided to try some candy coated chocolate, like Smarties and also some yoghurt covered raisins to see if this appeases her.

Katie is going to be meeting Nana and Pops for the first time this afternoon. She recognises them from their picture now and understands that they are coming today.  She doesn't miss a trick my daughter, that much I am learning fast. 


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