Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

I never used to mind rainy days.  They were days for catching up on chores and watching films with a cup of tea and a yummy cake.  If I was working then it didn't matter because I was inside in the dry and I was busy doing my job.  How much my perception has changed in one week!  Rain with a toddler - not great fun at all!!  Toddlers needs to run and climb and generally wear themselves out.  I am learning that this is a key point.  Wear them out so they sleep!!  It's much harder to wear them out when it's raining - unless you go to one of the indoor play parks.  We've been to our local one twice in just over a week!  I've really felt for my little girl today.  She's had a pretty rubbish morning all things considered.  Not only was she unable to go to her favourite park and play on her favourite swing because it was raining, she has had to put up with the man fitting blinds for much of the morning and Mummy not being able to play for the whole time.  Add this to the fact that she was awake with the dawn chorus this morning (hence the new blinds which are blackout blinds) and she's not been in the best humour about it all.  She's coped really well considering she must be really tired but it's fair to say that we've had a few falling outs this morning.  She smacked me today so I put her on her chair for a moment and she cried her little heart out and asked for Grandma.  It was so sad and it broke my heart.  We had a really long hug whilst she sobbed and I told her I understood she was missing Grandma and that it must be so difficult for her.  I explained again that she was living with Mummy and Daddy now and I reassured her that we love her so much and that we will help her with everything.  I think she understood me.  She is a bright little thing emotionally I think.  She seemed to enjoy the cuddle and it is reassuring that she is happy to cuddle me when she is upset and that I am able to comfort her.  She did have an early lunch and is now sound asleep though I should add!!  I'm feeling quite tired myself today. I was hoping to use nap time for a little sit down but I am heading off to make a stew now!

We had a meeting with Katie's Social Worker yesterday and she is delighted at how well it's all going.  She is amazed at how well Katie has settled in.  I do wonder though whether Katie is really only now starting to realise that she doesn't live with Grandma anymore.  Hopefully Grandma will be well enough to bring all Katie's clothes and toys tomorrow.  I don't really want to have to tell Katie that Grandma isn't coming again.  I'm not going to tell her that she's coming this time until I know it's definitely happening.  It will be interesting to see how that goes tomorrow and whether Katie is upset by seeing Grandma.  Wish us luck!!

One really good thing was that we managed to wash Katie's hair without her screaming today.  I have managed to find a way to do it and make it fun!!  Phew!


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